Earthquake resistance

Earthquake proof home

Earthquake resistant home

Seismic catastrophe result in earthquakes; places that lie in the top seismic belt are more vulnerable to be handicapped by this natural calamity. Thus, it becomes even more important to safeguard structures against earthquakes in those areas. Making the buildings sturdier may seem to be the best idea but then what happens when the earthquake measures a lot on the Richter scale- obviously it will have enough force to turn the construction into rubble. Thus it is wiser to minimize the forces that propel the earthquake in the first place.

Energy dissipating gadgets can be used for enhancing the damping of the system. Secondly, base isolation methods can be used for increasing the natural period of a given structure. The structural members need to be tightened as well for their interplay in the earthquake scene. Girders, columns, beams and the corrugated framework have to be right up to the order.

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