Five rules for home designing

Constructed Home design

Home design pattern

If you are planning to design your own home soon, then you must heed the following five rules to avoid future disappointment.

Do a thorough research before designing your home. Find out the designs that are prevalent in the area where you  are constructing the home. If you are planning to build at a site where it is very cold,

Mediterranean style may not suit. Similarly if your home is going to be in an extremely moist region, then slanting roof would be better  than flat roof.

Start the designing from inside out i.e. first design the interiors according to the need and then come to the exteriors.

Use the same manufacturer for doors and windows as in your neighborhood as it may serve some important purpose.

Check if the other houses have security alarms installed or not. Find from the police department locally if it is required or not.

Design your home slowly by contemplating all that you need in your home. Once the construction begins, it will be very hard to change the design.

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