Green initiative while constructing

Concept of Green home construction

Idea of Green home construction

Now, whenever colonies or complexes are being built, green initiative is usually considered. There are spaces left for gardens. Water filtering is installe to reduce pollution. Even in homes, ventilation is given serious thought. There is space for pots in terrace; so on and so forth.

On your side, you can leave some space in house empty. Use electric appliances minimum. Keep your fans closed if only for a couple of hours daily and survive on naturalĀ  endowments. Use ENERGY STAR appliances to save energy and emit less pollution. Keep upgrading your instruments.

Certain plants like asparagus and bougainvillea have brilliant symbiosis with others and should be planted in every complex. Constructors are increasingly advising home owners to go for bamboo floors in bungalows or ground floors. Rainwater harvest is another natural method of generating enough water for usage without applying any electronic instrument. Wallpaper hangings and upholstered ceilings are another efficient way to store warm air within.

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