Heavy Equipments

Safety Tips For Using Construction Equipments Properly

Heavy EquipmentAre you planning to rent some heavy equipment for your construction work? Well, if you have the money you can easily find a rental store to rent you the equipment. You just need to know the means to haul the equipment. Though renting heavy equipment is not uncommon, you might find it difficult to handle the equipments if you are not an experienced operator. And this is precisely why you have to know the guidelines of handling the construction equipments. So, no matter whether you get a loader, a skid steer or a trencher, knowing the guidelines is a must.

While using heavy equipment, your first priority is safety. You must understand that there are reasons why people who operate heavy construction equipments go to training facilities to learn the technicalities that the operation entails. When you go to the rental store to rent the equipments, the store keeper will make sure that you are above 18 years of age before he hands over the equipments to you. Moreover, you will also need to know the basics of operating the construction equipments. Knowing the safety hazards is also important. If you are not sure about how to operate the equipments you should employ someone who is skilled and experienced in this regard.

If you are not very familiar with heavy equipment, you can ask people at the rental store to help you. It will be great if you can talk to the sales representatives of the store exhaustively about using the equipments. Tell him about the project that you are about to undertake, he will give you advice on the types of equipments you will need for it. In fact, an experienced sales representative will be able to match you with the construction equipment that reflects your requirement and knowledge of operating them.

When you rent the heavy equipment, insist that the person-in-charge in the store goes over the instructions of operating the equipments along with you. If you see that the person in the store is not too keen of telling you about the instructions in details, you are better off renting your equipments for a different store. Ask the person in the store to give you a demonstration. In fact, tell the person to monitor while you open and operate the equipments for the first time. If you leave the store without knowing how to operate the equipments properly, you are in for a big disaster.

Before you lease the heavy equipment, it is crucial that you inspect it properly. If you see that the motor is running with glitches, ask questions. Tell the sales representatives if the hydraulics that you intend to rent does not run smoothly. Though a reputed equipment rental store knows about these problems beforehand, a small unscrupulous rental store might try to give you faulty equipments and then charge you for the damage. Once you bring the equipments home, unload them and go through the procedures of operation and safety features. Get acquainted with the equipments before you use them for your project.

Now when you are talking about heavy equipment, there are two bifurcations the one which can be available in the store and useful for DIYers and the another which are classified as heavy equipment’s for construction which are not available at home improvement stores and are not for DIYers. These are those heavy equipment’s which are used by the builders and professionals during construction work of your home.  These are the monster equipment’s which cannot be used without having proper understanding about them. All of these heavy equipment’s are used based upon the location and the job. Construction is not possible without making of this heavy equipment’s these days. Here are some of the most popular types of heavy equipment’s which are most commonly used on the construction sites. Some of them are explained in detail.

Categorisation Of Heavy Equipments

Track type




Material handler

Dump truck

Bulldozer Skidder Dredging Paver Crane Standard dump truck
Agricultural tractor Harvester Wheel excavator Cure rig Forklift Semi trailer end dump truck
Track skidder Feller buncher Bagger or digger excavator Asphlat plant Cherry picker Transfer dump truck
Snowcat Wheel forwarder Front shovel Asphalt paver Straddle carrier Semi trailer bottom dump truck
Tractor Wheel skidder Compact excavator Cold planer Reach stacker Side dump truck
Military engineering vehicles Track harvester Dragline excavator Pavement milling Telescopic handlers Off road dump truck
Front shovel Roller Lift table Double and triple trailer dump truck
Steam shovel Slipform paver
Suction excavator


  • Bulldozer

Bulldozer used for construction

Bulldozer, heavy equipment

This is one of the most recognized types of heavy equipment which can be seen in almost any of the construction site. This heavy equipment is used to move big amount of earth across the large and even areas. Bulldozers usually have a flat blade in the front side of it which can even be adjusted by the operator using it. It can be used for removing the loads and loads of dirt for getting the rough or the fine grading of the ground. Along with that bulldozers possess a broad track which will allow them to cover up the uneven terrain. The specific uses of this heavy equipment are to level up the ground, cut through the land and remove the excess debris.

  • Hydraulic excavator

This heavy equipment has the main function of digging up the heavy amount of earth. This equipment is extremely versatile as this digging arm can move 360 degrees around giving you the full view of the whole site. The major uses of this heavy equipment is loading, demolishing, excavating and digging.

  • Dump truck

Dump truck used in construction

Use of dump truck in construction

This is also one that equipment which most of the people is aware about and is usually seen in any construction site. There are two basic forms of this heavy equipment one is articulating frame and another is rigid frame. Off road dump trucks are used for heavy dirt hauling jobs and mining work. The specialty of such heavy equipment is to carry the large loads to the jobsite and from the jobsite.

  • Wheel dozer

Wheel dozer is basically a combination of bulldozers and wheel loaders. They have installed a dozer blade in the spot of loader arms and also bucket. This combination of equipment is perfect for light duty task on the construction site. They are majorly used for moving up the snow in large amount or loading soil or for forestry work.

  • Drag liner

Drag liner is one of those heavy equipment’s which is basically used in civil engineering and also in the field of mining. They are included in the list of one of the largest mobile equipment which is ever built on the land. Hence this equipment is considered as a behemoth even in the world of construction. This heavy equipment is used for lowering down the bucket into the deep pits and also widely used for excavation.

  • Forklift

Use of forklift in construction

Forklift in construction

Forklifts are among those heavy equipment which provide variety and types. It comes with different load capacities. When these are used in the warehouse, they generally have the average load capacity of five tons. They are used for transferring the materials from the site to other places and also used for bringing the materials to the site. There are certain machines which avail the hydraulic control for moving up the forks together or apart.

If you are in the construction industry and want to buy any of these heavy equipment’s then you just e in search of some manufacturers from whom you can reliably buy such things. Here is a list of top 10 manufacturers of heavy equipment of construction across the globe.

Heavy Equipment Manufacturer

Manufacturing Company


Caterpillar company US
Komatsu company Japan
Hitachi company Japan
Volvo construction company Sweden
Terex company US
Liebherr company Switzerland
John deere company US
XCMG company China
Sany company China
Doosan infracore South korea






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