How to Clean Wood Sidings Using Pressure Washer

Cleaning wood sidings using pressure washer

Pressure washer used for Cleaning wood sidings

With the help of pressure washer you can easily remove the accumulate debris in the grimes of the wooden sidings. The grit might turn up causing damaging effects as the wood installed moves with the wind and also expands and contracts according to the temperature out there! Even, pressure washer is helpful in removing any accumulated stains on the surface of the wooden sidings. Burt you might need to use it with care as it might also turn up damaging the wooden sidings too. Here is the process of cleaning wooden sidings by using pressure washer as your tool for cleaning.

Pressure washer used for cleaning wooden sidings:

Preparation of the process:

Before you start up with the process of cleaning your wood sidings, it is important to prepare for the process. Before you start with the process, it is important to ensure that you can work through without stopping for even once while the entire process. Remove the plants and furniture that are placed near your wood sidings so that you can perform the process in a better way.

Anything that might turn up damaging by the spray should be either removed or covered properly. If you have hanged any decorations on the sidings, it is advisable of removing it off. Don’t forget to turn off any of the main supply to the exterior lights installed, so that spraying doesn’t end up damaging it. If you observe any of the siding board is damaged, it is advisable of not to spray it or clean it for the obvious reasons.

Don’t forget to carefully close the doors and windows of your home. I guess you don’t want to let any dirt or the spraying enter up the home interiors. If there is some of the members present in your home, it is advisable to inform them before you start up with the process.

Start spraying:

It is important to you to know that wood siding is not a strong material, so be careful while performing the process ahead. Don’t use a higher setting in your pressure washer for cleaning it. You should always know that a wood can get damaged if the flow of pressure washer is constantly sprayed in the same direction. So, it is important to keep moving the sprayer while cleaning it. Make the use of a fan tip for spraying the water.

Process of spraying:

The process of spraying should be carefully performed. Start with spraying the wood siding from the top most section of the sidings. This will offer you with no risk of you covering those of the areas that you’ve already cleaned. Don’t forget to spray it by keeping it in a downward angle. This will not damage or harm up the wooden surface. Spray a section at a time. Don’t be in a hurry for finishing your cleaning process. Finish up the process further. make sure you’re wearing properly safety measures so that you can don’t harm or injure yourself while performing the process.

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