How To Clean Your Windows

Usage of sponge for cleaning a window

Girl cleaning a window

Cleaning your windows is one of those works which majority of the people hate. But however it is compulsory to do that job as you cannot leave your window dirty. While cleaning your windows, you have to fight with dirt, dripping waster, newspaper and various cleaning solution. However tedious the job of cleaning your windows is, you have to deal with it. Not that you do it regularly, you do it once in a long while and you have to make sure you do it the right way. There are various methods and techniques to clean your window and get the best results out of it and have a sparkling clean window. If you have never clean your windows before you might not be aware as to which method to use and which not to use. However to help you get a sparkling clean window here are some of the tips for cleaning your window. Before you start with cleaning your widows, make sure you have collected all the supplies needed for doing the work.

  • Clear off the stubborn stains

The first and the foremost step of cleaning your windows include clearing off the stubborn stain. Outside windows are generally very much prone to the stubborn stains as they are explored to many weather elements. They are exposed to heavy sunlight, hard water, bird droppings, minerals and many such things which can stick on the window and make it dirty. You can make use of mineral deposit cleaner for getting rid of such stubborn stains from your window. Damp a sponge into the cleaner and then rub it stiffly on the stains on the window. Clean the area with water and then carry on with the regular cleaning. Another method for cleaning your windows and getting rid of the stubborn stains is by using the vinegar. Let the vinegar sit for five minutes then rub the stain with sponge or drop cloth. You can also make use of oxalic acid for clearing the stain from your window.

  • Remove the stickers

You might have kids who will have applied sticker on your windows for decoration. Now these stickers have sticky substance which can make your window dirty and cleaning them is very important. For cleaning this sticky substance from your window, you need a spray bottle filled up with water. You will also need a plastic scraper which should have a good edge. Spray some water on the stickers and then allow it to sit for few minutes, use the scraper along the window and remove it gently without breaking the glass.

  • Clean the screens

It’s very important to clean your screens when you are cleaning your windows. Make sure to clean the screen from the inside and outside part of the windows. Use a sponge or a clean cloth or a rag and then clean the screen. Take the cleaning solution, dip your sponge into it and softly clean the screen and remove all the dust, dirt and grime from it.

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