How to Construct a Closet

Person Constructing a Closet

Closet constructed by a home owner

Well, a closet is the most underappreciated furniture in the room unless and until you are in actual need of it. And when it comes for planning out a perfect storage space in your room, closet is the only thing that strikes up first in our mind. If you’re thinking of hiring a professional for the same, let me tell you, you don’t need an actual professional for constructing a closet. You only need some willingness to construct it and certain some accurate tools and materials for constructing a closet in your home. Here are the steps of constructing a closet that might prove helpful to the home owners out there!

Process of constructing a closet:

Exact location for installing the closet:

Well, I can say, it might turn up to be the most difficult part of the process of constructing a closet. According to me, the most logical and practical place for constructing a closet is near the walls without any doors and windows, an alcove or near the hallway end.

Walls and door layout:

Whether you’ve decided of constructing a walk in closet or a wall one, it simply depends upon the space available in your room for the construction of closet.

Carpet or ceiling trim removing step:

If you observe any, remove the ceiling trim, the base or the carpet from the area where the construction of closet is carried on. It’s advisable to be careful. Make sure you don’t end up breaking the trim, as you’re going to reuse the trim again.

Install the top plate and framing:

Start by attaching the base with the deck screws to the floors and the top plate of the closet to the ceiling. Make the use of construction adhesive and 4 to 5 inch of bolts for fitting everything on its place.

Screw or nail the studs to the top ceiling and the bottom section of the closet roughly for determining the opening and the closing that is the operating of the closet doors. It’s advisable of making the use of space available if the sides of the closet are more than 16 to 17 inches. For better support so sheathing, it’s advisable of shifting the grip and increase the ratio of construction.

Take the dimensions of the closet’s heights and width. Attach the dimensions with the wall studs of the closet. Install the door header and nail it firmly with the wall studs. Cut off any extra trimming sides that you observe in your closet.

Door installation:

Now it’s time for locating the position of the door exactly the way you have decided while constructing the closet. This specially depends upon the type of door you want to install in your closet. Start the process by installing the door to the rough opening of the closet. This will help you in deciding how you actually want to have the door installed. And how it is going to look after the installation? After installing the door, install the remaining accessories of the closet and prepare a perfectly suitable closet according to your home interiors.

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