How to Deep Clean the Carpet

Person Deep Cleaning the Carpet

Process of Deep Cleaning the Carpet

Are you aiming at deep cleaning process of your carpet? Vacuuming is not enough for the process. Vacuuming is no doubt helpful for the home owners for removing the accumulated dirt and debris but it is not useful in cleaning it completely. What about the stubborn stains that are affecting your carpet? These stains are unable to get clean by using vacuum. For this you’ll definitely need certainly some of the cleaning solution that are helpful for getting rid of it. What about the smell and discoloration that doesn’t get rid of simply by using vacuuming it. Here are certain tips and techniques that can help you deep cleaning the carpet. You can easily use these techniques at your home for enjoying a streak free carpet with beautiful smell.

Things you’ll need for the process:

  • Vinegar
  • Carpet shampoo
  • Hot water
  • Carpet cleaning machine
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Enzyme Cleaner

Tips on deep cleaning the carpet:

  • Start the process of deep cleaning the carpet by preparing the surface. But before you head ahead, make sure to remove each and everything that is placed in the carpet. Remove any of the furniture that may be on the top or close to the carpet. After removing them, it’s advisable of removing any thing by using your hand from the surface of the carpet.
  • Finally, make the use of vacuum cleaner for trapping each and every particle of dirt off the surface of the carpet. This will also help you in removing any debris from the inner fibers of the carpet too.
  • It is advisable of buying or renting a carpet cleaning machine from the market. This cleaning machine helps in offering wet cleaning solution that are most effectively used for the deep cleaning of carpet. You can easily rent it from any of the carpet cleaning store. Don’t forget to purchase any stated carpet cleaning materials and products important to the process.
  • Make the use of carpet shampoo and enzyme cleaners that is helpful in removing any bad odor from the carpet. For the stained areas in your carpet, it is advisable to pre spray the surface before you start cleaning them.
  • Add up the cleaning solution in the stained surface. Wait for certainly 20 to 30 minutes so that it can effectively affect the stains fir removing it off the surface of your carpet. This will help in loosening the stains. The cleaner will work in cleaning the stains and it will remove easily when the machine is working on it.
  • It’s advisable for reading the manual’s instructions before you start using the cleaning machine. Many a times hot water or cold water is used so that you can deep clean the surface of the carpet.
  • After running the cleaning machine on the carpet, it is advisable of checking the moisture presence in the carpet. This will help in perfectly cleaning the surface as well as the fibers present in the carpet. Let it dry completely for enjoying a clean and streak free carpet in your home.

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