How to find construction defects in your home

Contractor pointing out Construction defect

Construction defect identified by a contractor

The construction defects in your home can cause you a lot of money in repair. The repairing cost increases if the construction defects are not identified and rectified at the earliest.
The construction defects are mainly seen in three areas:

Building defects: the building defects are the most serious ones and they not only suck money but also can  become health hazards. The defects can be rotting of the roof fascia, cracks developed on the roof and walls, fractures in the walls, wall crack that are narrower at the top, deflection of the beam and seepage at the window sills.

External finishing defects: these are seen mainly on the internal and external walls as surface crazing, spalling, blistering, peeling and wrinkling of the paints. These occur due to moisture in the wall and the painting done on unprepared surfaces.

Defects of the fixtures: the external and internal fixtures may be defective which can cause accidents and unnecessary troubles. The fixtures  generic need to be checked regularly and repaired whenever there is even a minor problem.

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