How to Identify Bed Bugs in Home

Bed Bugs on the edges of spring boxes

Edges of spring boxes with Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are one of the great hitchhikers. Bed bugs can easily move from an infested site to a new home simply by travelling on bedding, cloths, and boxes and also on the furniture. But unfortunately, there’s seen a rise in the quantity of bed bugs in Europe, North America and even in Australia. The suggested steps will help you for preventing bed bugs at your home. It helps in preventing the bed bugs entering your home premise and states different ways for preventing an infestation in the vent that some of the bed bugs do get in the home.



Identify the bed bugs:

Know how to identify bed bugs:

There are many different types of infectious insects that seem similar to bed bugs. It is very important to identify them carefully. Bed bugs are generally reddish brown in color with an oval and flat body that is approximately 7mm long in size.

They generally, hid near the beds but cannot easily get spread over the whole room. There are different shades of colors in bed bugs like from white to reddish brown, dark or deep brown, and even light tan.

Before starting with the process of pest control, make sure of identifying the pest for better outcomes.

Identify the ways of bed bugs to get in your room:

There are many possible ways for bed bugs to enter up your home premise and the most common one out of it is from hitching a ride on the computer, other belonging, clothing and your luggage after you’ve stayed to somewhere else. Birds and bats introduce more amounts of bed bugs.

Find out the place where the bed bugs can be found:

Mostly Bed bugs are found in the building construction where more number of occupants sleep. Even where you can observe frequent turnover like, college dormitory or hotel rooms. Bed bugs are generally gets accumulated where people sleep more than any other parts of your house.

Bed bugs love hiding in the bed frames, box springs and edges of the mattresses. As they have flatter body surface, they can easily hide in the crevices and cracks observed on the walls of your home.

Bed bugs like to stay in warmer areas. They can easily enter up in netbooks, laptops and different ports, which are generally portable objects that you can easily carry out in different rooms.

Prevent bed bugs entering your home:

If you’ve travelled to somewhere else, it’s advisable of checking the bed bugs before you unpack your stuffs. Inspect the headboard mounted behind your bed. There are more possibilities of bed bugs over there.

Look for the edges of the mattresses and spring box in the seams of the beds. Check and inspect your clothes. Because many a times it’s observed that bed bugs get hitched up with your clothes from the home exteriors.

Undress the floor by flipping up the carpet. There are chances that bed bugs might make their home in the carpet for growing more in numbers.

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