How to Remove Vinyl Floors

Peeling off the Vinyl floor

Vinyl floor sheets peeling process

Although vinyl floors are among the best option of flooring that is perfectly suitable, still there are many reasons that might turn up the situation of removing the vinyl floors and replace it with the other. Although vinyl floors are longer lasting and highly durable, over the time it can get wear and tear and can also get damaged. In addition to that many a times home owners replace the floors simply because it is too old to use anymore. Regardless to the reason of removing the floor, removing the vinyl floor is bit more time consuming and a carefully process to be performed. You need to be patient enough for removing the vinyl floors off the surface of your floor.

While performing the project of removing the vinyl floors, it is advisable to be careful so that you don’t end up damaging the subfloor installed in your home. If damaged, it is important to repair it before you lay down any of the new flooring option in your home. Here are certain tips and steps on removing the vinyl floors. Make sure to follow them for performing the project in a better way.

Process of removing vinyl floors:

  • It is important to remove each and every thing that is placed in the room. Remove any of the furnishing and appliances that you have installed in your home. Remove any of the appliances that are placed on your vinyl floors.
  • Now, it is the time for removing any of the trim around your vinyl floors. Don’t forget the baseboard. If you’re planning of using the trim again, it is advisable of carefully using a flathead screwdriver for prying up the trim as well as the baseboard away from the walls. It is advisable of removing any nails that are attached to the trim.
  • Remove any of the stapes, tacks and nails that you observe on the edges of the floor. Pry them out. Make the use of small hammer or small prier for performing the process. It is advisable of removing the tacks and nails from the edges so that it don’t end up getting interrupted to the process.
  • Maintain the safety measures so that you do not end up stepping up on any of the nails or tack pieces on your floor. Now, it is the time for pulling off the vinyl sheets off the surface of the floor. Identify the corner where the vinyl is not glued and target that section for pulling off the vinyl sheets. Make the use of a putty or utility knife for cutting off the strip so that you can easily remove the vinyl sheets off the surface of the floor.
  • Scarp up the adhesive off the vinyl sheets. Make the use of scraper, so that you can pull off the sheets into pieces. Clean the floor before you apply or lay another layer of the flooring option. Once you remove the majority of the vinyl off the surface of your floor, make the use of vacuum for cleaning the floor so that you can lay your new floor again.

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