How to Removing Old Wallpaper


Person removing an Old Wallpaper

Removing old wallpaper from the walls might seem like a troublesome project, but you can make the task less time consuming and easier by taking some preparatory steps. Your walls might be beautifully bare and begging for paint. Basically the task of taking down the old wallpaper is without a doubt, a dirty one and day long process. It is advisable of scheduling this task of removing the old wallpaper on weekends when you have no other commitments. You will require full 48 hours to get your walls prepared for a new choice of wallpaper or a fresh coat of paint.

Remove old wallpaper:

  • Take off all the accessories and art work from your walls. Place them at some safe place to protect them from any potential damage while you’re working on removing the old wallpaper. Use a screwdriver to remove all the outlet covers as well.
  • Tip: Tape the screws to the back of each cover so you won’t lose any of your art work. It is advisable of placing all the furniture in the center of the room and cover it properly with a protective plastic or a cloth.
  • Use large sized garbage bags for covering the areas of your floor and trims the parts that are connected to the walls where you are removing the old wallpaper. Take a pair of scissors and cut off one side and across the bottom of the garbage bag. Open it up so that you can have a larger piece of plastic for covering the floor.
  • Tape up the plastic on the sides and trim it properly to protect them from the mess you are about to create. Start by removing the top layer of the old wallpaper so that only the packing is left on the walls of your home. This will help you in applying water through the wallpaper in the next step.
  • Start from the corner of the walls and lift the edge of the wallpaper by using a putty knife. Once you have lifted the larger piece, pull off the rest of the facing. It is advisable of not pulling it but even amount of pressure is adequate.
  • Don’t use water for this step. If the facing of the old wallpaper is too difficult to remove, carefully score it with the help of a coring tool. Make sure that you are not forcing the tool into the walls. It might lead to large scratches on the surface of the walls that will need to be repaired.
  • Remove the backing of the old wallpaper. Use a putty knife or a blade for carefully removing the backing. If you find that there is a stubborn adhesive that isn’t removing off the walls, use a gel stripper to get your job done. It is advisable of reading the instructions before you use the tool.
  • Use a joint compound for repairing the small holes or scratches in your walls. Use a putty knife for applying the compound and start fixing the damaged areas. Smoothen the surface and here you go with your home walls perfectly ready for applying fresh paint or new wallpaper.



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