Introduction To Butterfly Roof

Basic knowledge of Butterfly roof

Introduction to Butterfly roof

Now this is exactly what its name suggests. The type of roof which has the shape of a butterfly is known as butterfly roof. This is also called as inverted pitch roof as it has V shaped roof. This design in roof is very unique and uncommon. This type of roof is very much popular and sees widely in Hawaii. The reason being that, even though it is an island, it has a tendency and need to collect, what falls. Rainwater is very essential and has to be collected which butterfly roof does very well. The sides of butterfly roof have inward sloping towards each other instead of rising at one common point in the center like gable roof. These types of roofs were introduces in the year 1950 when the architects of those time started making some bold choices and designs and started to think something else except hip roofs and gable roofs. To help you know more about butterfly roof, here is some extra detailed knowledge about butterfly roof.

Roofing materials to be used

It is always extremely essential that the roof you have is waterproof and this is even more essential in case of a butterfly roof. It’s more appropriate to make use of the material which have large sheets and hence while building butterfly roof, it is advisable to use modified bitumen, metal sheet roofing and thermoplastic membrane.

Roofing materials forbidden to use

Butterfly roof’s main concern is waterproofing. Hence the worst materials you can use for building butterfly roof is the one which has plenty of seams like clay tile roofs, slate roofs where every individual piece is laid separately. Using asphalt shingles and wood shakes should also be avoided.

Merits of butterfly roof

Collection of water is very important that too in the arid climates. Now if you are living in an area facing drought, water would be one of the major concerns and butterfly roof is the best roof one can ever install in those areas. Butterfly roof has shape of butterfly and hence rain water can easily get collected on your roof and if proper preparation have been made, it can stored and used for various activities. For collecting and utilizing the rain water, you have to make sure that the roof is strong enough to bear the weight of the rain water and does not create any issues due to standing water. Another merit of having butterfly roof installed in your home is that, you are availed with the option of installing huge windows on the structure of your home and have good ventilation and save up on your energy bills.

Demerits of butterfly roof

One of the major demerits of having butterfly roof installed is its costing. The design of butterfly roof is complex and not simple and easy to install. This will need good and expertise professional for getting it installed which would charge high and you cannot also save bucks by opting for DIY installation. If the roof is not waterproofed properly, chances are also there of leaks.

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