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Light frame construction

Light-frame construction is a technique of construction utilizing structural members or studs providing framework support on which external and internal wall coverings are attached. In addition, a roof is given with moderately built inclined rafters and stern joists. Dimensional  lumbers are being incorporated for the purpose of framing or light frame construction today. The method has become quite a rage in North America.

Categorically, platform framing and balloon framing are two different types of light frame constructions. For balloon framing, the woodwork runs from the sill plate to the eave line. Wood or steel tubes are generally used for the purpose. Sloping or inclined roofs are generally added to light frame construction. These enable rainwater to be shed at a fast pace. Shingles are used for the purpose of covering the roofs. These shingles have a precisely suiting density and texture. They are made from asphalt as a general rule.

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