Merits And Demerits Of Gambrel Roof

Pros and cons of Gambrel roof

Merits and demerits of Gambrel roof

You might know about metal roof, gable roof, hip roof as the popular choice for types of roofing. But there are several others also which are not that much popular but still a good choice for your roof. Gambrel roof is one of such choice for your homes roofing. A gambrel roof is basically a roof having two slopes. One of the slopes of gambrel roof is steep and another one is shallow. The name of this roof is originated from the back part leg of the horse or from the ankle of a horse. Gambrel roof is majorly seen in large farm buildings and homes. The framing of gambrel roof is very easy and it possesses fantastic drainage capacity. If you are considering gambrel roof as a choice for your home, you must make some research on it get some knowledge about it and then decide whether it is a good choice for your home and can be installed in your home or not. To help you with this, here are some of the merits and demerits of installing gambrel roof in your home. Check them out and see whether you can opt for it or not.

Merits of gambrel roof

  • Cost

Gambrel roofs are quite easy to build and this is one of the major factors which deduct its cost. Hence if you are tight on your budget and you are searching for an affordable roofing option then gambrel roof is perfect choice for you. The installation of gambrel roof is also les time consuming and you get easily finished up with this. This will also deduct cost of labor as it will take less time.

  • Style

These types of roof have two curved li9nes which presents a very simple yet stylish look. The look of gambrel roof is very much fashionable and satisfying. Hence even with low cost, you will be getting a good looking roof.

  • Ease in construction

One of the major benefits of having gambrel roof installed is that the construction process of such roofing is very easy. It does not need highly skilled professional. These types of roofing will also allow more space on the upper flooring. The framing of this roof is also very simple. If you are intending to build conventional gambrel roof then you will need to use two roof beams but will need to employ simple gusset joints.

  • Past legacy

Gambrel roof has been the standard roof since the era of colonial America and was used by the Dutch and Georgian styled homes. This means people who are opting for these roofs is associated with any of them.

Demerits of gambrel roof

  • Weather

Gambrel roofs are not a good choice in the area having extreme weather conditions. This roof cannot bear heavy winds, snowfall and breezy weather as these are not that strong to bear such conditions.

  • Durable

This type of roofing will need high maintenance for making it long lasting. They need painting and protection from time to time which is one of the major cons.



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