Mobile home additions

Mobile home in garden

Mobile home with wheels

Mobile homes are a state-of-art concept. These homes are pre-designed in a factory and then transported via tractor-trailers to the place where they need to be put up. Such prefabricated homes are far cheaper than the conventional ones. Mobile home additions can be done in many forms. Glass room additions are one of those. Apart from an increased tax liability, glass room additions will be very pleasant adding a lot of grace to your mobile home.

Cabinets can be installed in a vacant mobile home (having a structural set-up, a super structure). Even the cabinets can be brought straight from the factory location with a pre-applied wood finish. Adding a porch can definitely create an illusion of space in your home. A vacant mobile home looks big but once occupied a sense of stifle creeps in. This is where a well-crafted porch can come in very handy.

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