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House wraps are very important for the protection of a house against external atmospheric factors as well as to reduce the heating and cooling costs. House wraps are placed beneath the first layer of defense which is the siding. Rain coupled with heavy winds and snow often gets through the first line of defense and hence house wraps are required to keep the rain water out. If moisture enters the structural sheathing it might cause rotting of the wood, rusting of the steel etc. creating structural defects.

Also, house wraps are very efficient to clog the air leaks in the walls of a house. By preventing infiltration of air one can save on heating and cooling costs. Again presence of water vapor in air could prove detrimental to the sheathing. When water vapor inside the walls tries to escape and condenses in contact with the colder parts of the wall, it harms the external sheathing of the house. Using a vapor permeable house wrap  helps in such a scenario by letting the vapor escape.

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