Modular Office Buildings

Image of Modular Office Building

Modular Office Building construction

Building an office from scratch is a very big task. Thanks to the modular office buildings which have replaced the conventionally constructed office building. This can reduce your frustration and help you save a lot of money. Modular office buildings are also called as the prefabricated buildings which are considered as the fastest and the most cost effective method of putting up an Office. Generally the modular office buildings are built with the same materials which were utilized for conventional buildings.

The entire office is separated into different modules in the factory and then transported into the location. Around 85% of the office are generally built in the factory and then later assembled together. The length of each module is around 40 feet long. Modular design offices have several designs and sizes. A modular office can be constructed within two weeks. The construction generally costs around 100’4 per square feet.

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