Positives And Negatives Of Metal Siding

Benefits and drawbacks of metal siding

Positives and negatives of metal siding

There will be varied range of siding options available to you when you go for finding one. However this can be a good thing and also a bad one. Now good thing is that you have so many choices and hence you don’t have to stick to one. Whereas the bad thing is that when you don’t have adequate knowledge about the types of siding you will be confused and choosing the one would be very difficult. To help you out, here is one siding type which is considerable and a reliable choice for any home. While seeing the siding choices, check out metal siding and see whether it can fit your needs properly or not. However you cannot just opt for metal siding just like that. You need to evaluate it properly, make proper research on metal siding and then decide whether to go for it or not. Here are some of the positives and negatives of metal siding which will help you to check this option more deeply and help you in your decision making process.


  • Better comfort and energy efficiency

One of the biggest positives of choosing metal siding is that you will get better energy efficiency in your home along with good comfort.             When it comes about energy efficiency, it will always refer to savings. The cooling cost of your home will be through your roof only. Reflective coatings will divert the UV rays of sun away from the house which will help in keeping the interior of your home cool and will result in reducing the amount of time your AC needs to run. On the other hand if you are residing in a cool climate, you can pick dark shades for your metal siding which will help in absorbing the sun rays and will be helpful in keeping your home warm. The manufacturer of your metal siding will help you in choosing which the best options suitable to your climate are.

  • Sustainable material

Metal siding and even steel siding are sustainable products when it comes to being ecofriendly. Metal siding will help the homeowners to meet up with the requirement of green building codes. Metal siding is not only built from the reused or recycled products but these can also be recycled on the end of life. Hence it will be leaving the minimum level of carbon footprint.


  • High upfront costing

One of the major negatives which stop the homeowners from installing metal siding is its upfront cost. As compared with that of other siding options, metal siding and that too steel siding costs high outset cost. However it is going to be covered in the lifetime of this siding. If you buy high qualitative metal siding now, you will have to pay less for the repairs and avoid replacement costs meanwhile. You will also need very minute amount of maintenance which is not the case with other siding options. Down the line, ultimately you will end up saving only.

How To Clean And Paint Garage Floors

Homeowner painting garage floor

Painting garage floor with roller

Painting garage floors and cleaning them goes side by side as you cannot go for painting garage floor without cleaning them. If your garage floor looks too much old, dull and dirty, you must take a day out of your tight schedule and go for cleaning and painting garage floors. You need to pick up some tools and supplies before you start cleaning and painting garage floors. Here are some of the must needed things for cleaning and painting garage floors.

  • Push broom
  • Paint brush
  • Extension pole
  • Epoxy paste
  • Cat litter
  • Concrete cleaner
  • Pressure washer
  • Paint roller cover and frame

Once you have collected all the tools and supplies, you can start up with the process of cleaning and painting garage floors.

  • Get rid of the oil and grease spots

Before you paint or seal or your garage floor or go for power washing it, you have t remove the grease and oils stains from your garage floors. Cover up the stains of grease with a layer of cat litter or saw dust. These things will be absorbing excess amount of oil and grease and also the rust spots. Let these materials stay on your garage floor for minimum one day. Make use of push broom having rigid bristles for sweeping up the saw dust, dirt and cat litter. Put some of the dry dishwashing solution or the concrete cleaning solution on the stain. Allow the cleaning solution to sit on the stain for 45 minutes and then pour some of the boiling water on it and then scrub the area gently with the broom on the stained section. If the stains are very much stubborn then you can make use of muriatic acid mixed up with pressure washer. Allow this acid to sit for some seconds and then rinse it off with clean water. Make use of baking soda on the clear area for neutralizing the acid and then clean it off.

  • Get rid of rust stains

Make use of combination of trisodium phosphate along with hot water and make your concrete wet with this solution. Allow it to sit there for 15 minutes and then rinse it with clear water and you will get rid of rust stains.

  • Fill up the cracks

You can make sue of epoxy paste for filing up the small cracks. Once you are done with filling the crack, take off the excess epoxy from the floor. After the repair is dried totally, do some light sanding for making the finish smooth. Let the repair dry properly for sufficient amount of time.

  • Paint your floor

After you are done with cleaning and repairing your garage floor, it’s time to seal it you can make use of sealant which will also be working as primer if you are going to paint garage floors. After all these you can finally go for painting garage floors. Make sure to use epoxy paint which are designed specifically for garage floors only. Mix well and then apply the paint to your garage floor.

Ways of Detecting Gas Leaks

Detecting gas leak by using soap

Spray soap is used for detecting gas leak

It is very important to detect gas leaks in your home for the matters of safety use of propane gas in your home. Well, in many of the home, we have observed the use of propane gas for many purposes like for heating water for the shower, for cooking food stuffs and also for cleaning certain areas in home.  The importance of propane gas is more preferred in the terms of electric since using the propane tank is far more efficient and cheaper for the home owners. But, if these propane tanks are not stored properly, it will simply result in exploding. Well, you can call detecting a gas leak as a first line of defense against the danger you placed in your home, the propane tank.

There are many preventive measures that can help you in detecting gas leak. You can perform an active prevention measure for checking the propane tanks and the tubing fixed to it. But, it is important to confirm that there is no leak observed before you’re placing the propane tank in your home. Secondly is performed by constantly monitoring the signs of leakage from the gas. Well, propane gas is basically a gas that is odorless and a bit hard to detect. But still an odorant that smells like a rotten egg is added to the propane tank that can immediately identified in the form of gas leak. Here are certain tips on detecting gas leaks in your home. Don’t forget to pay proper attention as it is the question of your life and your loved ones.

Gas leak detection ways:

  • There are different types of detecting solutions available in the store but you can also try out homemade solution of detecting a gas leak in your home. Make the use of a spray bottle and fill it with the mixture of water and dish washing soap. Start spraying the solution on the connection of tubing of the propane tank and the appliance to which it is attached.
  • Even cover the entire tubing area with the soap spray and also to the connection where it meets with the propane tank. If you observe any bubble formation on the surface of the tube, it is advisable of changing and replacing it with the new one.
  • If you don’t detect any bubble formation, it simply means that your gas tubing is working in a good condition. You can also make the use of an electrical gas leak detector. It is a device that is specially used for detecting any odd concentration on the surface of the propane gas in the air.
  • Once the electric device senses the leak of gas, it automatically triggers an alarm that will indicate a leak in the gas. The electric gas detector ranges from 50 to 100$ that can easily be afforded by any of the home owner. It is considered to be a one-time investment for the home owners that are beneficial for the home owners. Make a note of identifying it so that you can be safe at your home.

Tips on Detecting Plumbing Leaks in Home

Plumbing leak in drainage pipe

Plumbing leak observed in pipe

If you observe or detect any plumbing leak in your home, it is important to detect and investigate further of it as soon as possible. Leaving the plumbing leaks unattended and undetected might prove to be wasteful and damaging and can also lead to corrode the plumbing pipes by damaging it up to major extent. As plumbing leaks has the tendency of even damaging the electronic appliances installed in your home. Not only appliances but also the energy consumption bills, it surely will attend to rise up in your energy bills because of constant flow of water from the pipes. Make sure you keep everything intact when you detect any plumbing leaks in your home. Cover each and every electrical appliance so that it doesn’t end up damaging the costly appliances. Here are certain tips on detecting plumbing leaks that might prove helpful for the home owners. Make sure to follow them and get rid of plumbing situation in your home.

Plumbing leaks detecting tips:

  • It is not a huge task of identifying the plumbing leaks, you can simply start the process by listening carefully to the pipes installed. Turn off the main water supply that offers water to the entire home. Don’t forget to turn off the sprinkles and the water hose attached in the exteriors of the home.
  • After turning them off, listen to the noise or any dripping sound of the water. If you hear the dripping of water continuous, it is advisable to identify the leak and try to fix it as soon as possible. You can also detect any plumbing leak by checking the water meter installed in your home.
  • It simply looks like a plastic box that is situated in the home. If you’re living in an apartment, then you must find it on either of the side of the home. If you observe the number of the water meter is moving faster and the digits are getting higher, even if the water supply is turned off, then it simply indicated towards a water leak.
  • Make the use of radar for detecting any plumbing leak in your home. Generally, radar is highly recommended if you think that the plumbing leak is simply coming from the exteriors of the home. Radar is used for identifying the exact leak and the area which is needed to be repaired. It also helps in indicating that the plumbing leak is huge in size of small.
  • Radar works in sending up the waves that passes through many of the materials and send back the signal to the machine. Even, there is a special type of instrument that is used for measuring the returning speed of the waves from the machine. This will help you in identifying which type of material is damaged in your plumbing system.
  • Have you ever tried filling the water lines by gas? It is one of the best trick that helps in identifying any plumbing leak. Fill up the plumbing pipes by gas and detect the exact place where the leak is.

Process of Painting Stair Runner

Painting stair runner

Image of Painting stair runner

Are you having a bare wood stair case in your home? Well, home owners have now a varied choice of opportunity of designing it, patterning it and coloring it the way they want to have. A painted stain runner is the best thing that you can try. If the process of painting a stair runner if performed in a correct manner, it will depict the impact of carpet runner on its surface. Trust me folks, be ready for enjoying a brand new look of your wooden stairs. In fact a look that offers enduring effects to the home. Well, forgot to mention, it is way easier to clean and maintain it as compared to those of the carpet runner. Here are certainly some of the easy steps of painting stair runner installed in your home.

Things you’ll need for the process of painting the stair runner:

  • Primer
  • Vacuum
  • Cardboard
  • Measuring tape
  • painter’s tape
  • Floor paint
  • Paint brush and roller
  • Pencil
  • Neutral colored base paint

Painting stair runner process:

  • Begin the process by checking the surface of the stairs. If your stairs are not painted any time before, you will need to apply the primer on the surface. Primer works in sealing the wooden surface and helps in preventing the paint into the pores.
  • Before you start painting or applying the primer on the surface of the wooden stairs, it is advisable of cleaning it thoroughly. Make the use of vacuum for cleaning the entire surface of the stairs. This will help you in accumulating the dust particles present on the surface of the stairs.
  • Even there are different types and brands available in primer. But make sure the finish paint should be applied in the floor. Keep that in mind while painting or priming the surface of the stairs; don’t forget that those stairs are used for heading up back to the top.
  • If the home owners are having long stride, it is advisable of painting each of the other step of the stairs. When you think that the first step is dried, start painting the other steps installed in the stairs.
  • This will help you in getting back to the top without getting your feet dipped in primer. It is advisable of painting only the left hand side of the stirs. This will allow you to travel and climbs up the stains whenever you want to from the other side of the stairs.
  • Prepare the base coat after applying the primer. This will help in spreading and affecting the paint in a better manner on the surface of the stairs. After applying the base coat, let it rest for some while so that it can completely seal the surface of the primer. Select your design and pattern that you want to use for your stairs.
  • Select which color you want to have in your stairs. And follow the further process of painting the stairs. Don’t forget that you have recently applied paint on the surface. Let it rest for some while for enjoying the perfect finish.

Tips on Construction Project Estimates

Animated image of contractor with graphics

Contractor estimating the project

One of the toughest jobs in construction is getting construction project estimates. It is among the challenging task that you need to decide in the construction process. And, that too before you get started with the process. Estimating too high amount of project and the bid might turn up to go high. You can also bid to the lowest estimate that can help you in attracting more of the people for your project. For the best results, here are certainly some of the best tips that can help you in going further for getting the construction project estimates. Make sure to follow them, as it will help you defining the things that are important for the construction project.

Construction project estimates tips:

  • It is well said; you cannot bid if you don’t know anything about the construction project. Start the process by examining and understanding the details and informative data of the project. It is important to be precise while the taking off process. The key feature in this step is you cannot underestimate the project as it can also act against your wishes too.
  • Pay attention to the drawings that you have decided. It is important to draw the structural diagram first before you step ahead to the construction process. This will help you in determining the exact materials and the estimates of cost that is to be required. It is important to provide as much details to the diagrams as possible.
  • It is among the important plan for estimating the process of deciding budget of the project. When the details are more easily explained in drawings, it becomes way easier for preparing and deciding the amount of budget required. Drawing simply helps in grabbing the center position or the snapshot for capturing the entire view of the room.
  • Even having detailed structural drawing also helps in increasing the interest of the clients. They can easily understand the concept which the contractor is to be used for the construction. As the information stated is accurate, this will help in increasing the informative motive and will end up strengthening the power of making a confirm decision.
  • It is important to include any of the minute details of the construction project. Your clients are to be in vesting their money in your project. This is the reason all the information should be correct and accurate that will increase their motivation as well as trust factor for investing more in your project.
  • Actually, you should make them understand the concept of the contractor’s cost perception. Architects plays an important role for the same as they can help in making more realistic structure that can simply fit into the mind of the people.
  • An effective budget is the key for many successful construction project that you should definitely try up in your project too. Prepare a budget in such a manner that your clients as well you can afford with ease. Explain the entire concept of your project to the clients for the better clarity.

How to Maintain and Clean your Fireplace

Person cleaning a Fireplace

Fireplace cleaned by a professional

Well, many a times it is observed that the fireplace in the room becomes the center of attraction point. So do you really want to make your room look bad because of dirty fireplace? This is the reason it is important to make it clean and look good. This is the reason it is not only important to keep the fireplace neat and clean but also the screen which is covering it. Well, the process of cleaning a fireplace is not much a glamorous thing or job to do but it needs special and certain things that are important for the process. If the process if performed correctly, it is not at all a hard one to perform. Here are the steps on cleaning the fireplace and the scree installed in your home. Follow them for enjoying a streak free look of the fireplace.

Cleaning the fireplace:

  • Start up with the process by throwing off any of the ashes that you observe in your fireplace. This might turn up to be your interruption while performing the process of cleaning your fireplace. Also clean the screen which is installed in the front side of the fireplace.
  • As you’re working for a little amount of time, it is advisable of laying a small rag down for protecting and securing your knees from the bricks around the fireplace. It is important to follow up the safety measure whole working on the process. Wear the safety gloves and then try to remove the glass and the screen of the fireplace.
  • It is advisable of laying some of the pieces of newspaper on the bottom surface of the fireplace for catching up the soot easily. Make the use of a wire scrub brush for removing the accumulated debris off the surface of the walls and the sides of the fireplace. After you’re done with this process, it is advisable of using a dirt catcher for picking up the trash and through up safely into the garbage.
  • Now it is perfect time for putting your safety gloves and goggles on so that you don’t harm yourself while performing the process of scrubbing the surface of the fireplace. Use the cleaning solution for scrubbing the areas. The cleaning solution might prove to be harmful so it is advisable of covering your eyes and mouthy for the same.
  • Start the process by taking a bucket and adding a gallon of water in it. Add at least 6 to 7 tablespoon of the cleaning solution to the bucket and stir it well. Also add a cup of bleach so that it can easily remove the dirt from its surface. Dump the wire brush scrub into the bucket and start applying it on the surface and the walls.
  • Don’t worry if you observe some of the black stains on the walls, it will go as the wall is dry. Make the use of a dry rag for cleaning the walls and the screen which you cleaned by using the solution. Let it dry completely for enjoying a streak free fireplace and the screen.

How To Clean Your Basement

Ideas of cleaning your basement

Ways of cleaning your basement

There is a secret that has been hidden since a long time. This secret is very dirty and big and it is lying in the basement. Hiding it would not make it clean or less real and hence I have decided to finally reveal it to the world. Don’t worry it’s not the dead bodies I have kept hidden in the basement. Just because my basement don’t have dead bodies doesn’t make it less dirty or clean. The secret is that it is dirty like hell and this is because I have been so lazy and not cleaned it since a long period of time and stored as many things as possible which are not being used by me and not even thrown by me. However I am sharing it with you because I think it’s not only me who is having such dirty basement, you would also having the same. However it’s for both for us, if we keep on doing on the same thing, the dirt and clutter is not going to reduce by itself instead it will increase a lot. Hence pick one fine day and start to clean your basement and just like me reveal your big secret and convert your dirty secret to a clean secret. To help you put with this, here are some of the ways of cleaning your basement.

  • Kick out your storage habit

First and foremost step of cleaning your basement should be stopping to treat it like your storage room as it is not. Every individual who have a dirty basement have storage habit and all the stuff they store is in their basement only. Next time when you are taking anything to the basement, ask yourself while you are going down the stairs about the thing that you are carrying down as to what it is and when was the last you have used it. Is it the old toys that you are carrying which you are never going to play with or it is the box of shoes which you are for sure never going to use in future? If it is any such thing then there is no point carrying them to the basement instead carry them to the trash bin and say forever goodbye to those useless stuff. This is one of the best ways of cleaning your basement.

  • Get the things out and then clean

While cleaning your basement, it’s very essential that you take all the stuff out of your basement first and then initiate with the cleaning thing. Take any of the homes cleaning solution and clean your basement floor with that. Make sure to dust the walls and floor first and clear out the cobwebs before cleaning it with cleaning solution.

  • Organize your stuff

Once you are finished your basement with any cleaning solution, it’s high time now you should sort your stuff and tae out all the useless things and organize the useful stuff back in your basement efficiently.

Reasons To Install Solar Panels

Installation of solar panels in  home

Installation of solar panels

If you have ever thought whether the benefits of solar panels can overcome its costing drawback then you are not the only one thinking this. Many other people think about this. The installation of solar panels in today’s time has gradually increased as compared with the first time when it was installed. In fact installation of solar panels has increased by 70% in the year 2017 as compared with the previous year whereas the costing of installation has dropped. This means that the trend of solar panel is increasing which is definitely extremely beneficial. If you are not pretty much convinced about installing solar panels on your roof then see these reasons and decide yourself why you should install solar panels on your roof.

  • Save some of your bucks

The average solar array will be costing in between $10000 to $35000. If you find this very much expensive then have a look at this recent study which shows that the users of solar panels can save up to an average of $44 to $187 per month starting from the very first month of installing solar panels on your roof. This means you would be saving $528 to $2244 in a year and this clearly shows that the cost of installing solar panels can be recovered by itself in a period of 5 years. Not only this can you be saving up a lot on your energy utility bills for plenty of years to come. Hence on an average you would be able to save more than $20000 in a period of 20 years. In certain areas this amount can reach to $64000.

  • Environment friendly

Installation of just single solar system can save up 178 tons of carbon dioxide in a period of 30 years and this would be equal to plantation of tress in 10 football field. Usage of solar energy by installing solar panel is of the greatest ecofriendly thing you can do for saving the environment. It is based only on sunlight and hence you can save many nonrenewable resources from getting exhausted. You can also reduce the global warming effect by installing solar panels on your roof. Instead of burning up the fossil fuels which gradually destroys the ozone layer of earth and melts the ice caps, it’s better to go for installing solar panels and reduce tis effect  at least a bit.

  • Earn tax credit

If you are not convinced with all the above reasons of installing solar panels, then this one of the major reasons for installing solar panels. One of the major economic benefits of installing solar panels is that it offers 30% of the federal tax credit of the both commercial and residential properties and even several state governments also offer additional tax credit for installing solar panels. Make sure that the tax credit will get expired on 31st December and after that time period, this tax credit will drop by 10% for commercial properties and will get totally eliminated for residential properties.




Process of Sealing Rubber Roofing

Person performing the process of sealing Rubber roof

Sealing rubber roof process

Many of the home owners find rubber roofing as one of the best option of roofing system. Even, there are many of the benefits that can be availed to the home owners like it is helpful in not letting the water accumulated of the surface and also helps in preventing the growth of mold and mildew on its surface. The rubber tiles or shingles which are used in the roof are environmental friendly in nature as compared to other roofing materials. It also requires less amount of maintenance and care as it is highly durable and sustainable in nature.

Even the rubber shingles are sturdy and strong enough that can be stable for a longer period of time on the surface of your floor. It is even a great option of roofing for stormy and rainy areas. As compared to other roofing shingles like metal and asphalt, rubber roofing shingles are less heavy so the cost of transporting from other place is minimal to the home owners. Even the chances of breaking is very less as it is the material that is highly flexible in nature and protects the interiors of the home from unwanted water. If you’re worried about the colors and designs, well, there’s nothing to worry about as there are varied choices of colors and patterns are available. You can select your color according to the exteriors and the color of your home. This will help you in placing a matching concept of your home. But, let me tell you, rubber roofing shingles are more expensive as compared to those of other roofing shingles. If you’ve installed rubber roofing in your home, make sure that you seal it completely so that the water doesn’t transport to the interiors of the home. Here are certain steps on sealing your rubber roof that might prove to be helpful for you! Make sure iof following them for the best results.

Sealing rubber roofing shingles:

  • Begin the process by cleaning the seams of the roof. Make the use of a broom for cleaning the seams where you observe the overlapping tiles of the rubber roof. You might find accumulated dirt in these joints. Removing it is important so that you can enjoy a clean roof.
  • Don’t forget to clean the underneath sections of the tiles. It’s advisable of cleaning all the exposed portion of your lower rubber by using cleaning pads and solvent. After cleaning the lower lapping section, don’t forget to clean the upper overlapping layer too.
  • Make the use of rubber tape primer on the surface of the rubber roof. Apply it on the cleaned surface. It’s advisable of using stiff bristle for applying it on the surface. Let it be dry and leave unless and until the entire area of patch is dry.
  • Make sure you fix the rubber shingles firmly with the rubber tape. Open the ends and press it gently and push it a little so that it can seal completely on the surface. Nail it of you think it is important for your rubber roof.


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