Different Types Of Curtains

Plenty of types of curtain

varied types of curtain

When the thing comes about choosing the right types of curtains for your window, you are available with plenty of options for it. There is varied choice in finishes, fabrics, colors and also in curtain rods. Now choosing so many things from so many options is quite overwhelming. Now if you are thinking its fine if you don’t get the right types of curtains in the first time as these are not much costly thing then you are totally wrong. Types of curtains are also very costly based upon the quality, design and material and you don’t want to make the same investment again. Replacing the types of curtains when you make a wrong choice is quite a head ache and hence you have to be sure as to which types of curtains will go with which type of room décor. If you are not pretty much aware about the types of curtains in the market then to make you aware, here are some of them so that you can educate yourself before actually buying them.

  • Pinch pleated curtains

These types of curtains will be giving decorative look at the top of it whereas it will give a formal finish at the rod pocket. These types of curtains will work with any types of fabric. There are total five types of pinch pleated curtain one of them is two finger pinch pleat, other one is three finger pinch pleat then its four finger pinch pleat and then it is five finger pinch pleat. If you go for more pleats, the fullness and size of the pleat will go on increasing along with the amount of fabric needed and also the cost.

  • Box pleated curtains

These types of curtains will be giving more of a tailored look and they will be draped into deep folds along the total length of the curtains. The box shape will be lining up next to one another which will make a formal pleated look. Box pleated curtains are more suitable in the areas like dining room, study room or lounge.

  • Rod pocket curtains

Rod pocket curtains are basically used for lightweight fabrics and net which are not used much and not opened and closed on frequent manner. Such types of curtains have to be hanging on the slender curtain rod which will thread through the channel and it will fit in the sockets or on hooks at sides of your window. The gap of curtain rod has a tight fit and hence these are suitable for those rooms which are like a formal sitting room.

  • Goblet pleat curtains

If you are searching for an extremely formal type of curtains which would cover up a large area into a traditional house with high and royal ceilings then goblet pleat curtains would be best suited for your need. The top pleat will resemble a wine glass. If you want to keep your goblet pleat curtains look rounded and full, you will have to shape them with interlining and wadding.

Benefits of Damp Proofing a Home

Person Damp proofing home

Damp proofing process performed by a home owner

Safety of our residential home is very important not only from the burglars but also from weather wear and tear. There are many types of adverse effects that might end up damaging your home like damp. They often occur on the sections of the home that are not maintained properly and thus results in putting our belonging and our health to hazards.

It is important to discourage the growth of damp by taking suitable and appropriate steps for damp proofing the home. There are many companies that perform the task of damp proofing. It is among the latest treatment that is rising with a speed in different homes. You might come across many homes with the treatment of damp proofing. This will not only protect your home from weather wear and tear but also acts as a good friend for your home interiors.

We totally understand that often the process of damp proofing the home is a process of trust that you need to keep on the experts and applying it is also considered to be an investment. It is important to know the correct installation of damp proofing that is suitable to your home construction and foundation. Investing in right type of materials and tools will surely help in saving on your money and your investment too!

Damp proofing benefits:


Are you tired of the accumulate smell of the mould from your home? Moisture and damp are considered to accumulate such type of smell that simply results in bad looking of your home. If the dampness in the home lets untreated, it simply results in damaging the interiors of the entire home. It will turn up the problem for spreading in the entire home. You’ll come across tan unpleasant smell that is coming around your home. For removing this smell, make the use of right type of ventilation and damp proof your home. Using damp proofing materials work in carrying off the small out of the home premise.


If you observe more amount of accumulate mold and mildew in your home, it simply will affect the look and the appearance of the home interiors. If you’re applying damp roofing treatment in your home, the appearance of your home is differently going to improve a lot. It is important to select the right areas for applying the damp proofing treatment. If you want to paint or decorate the patches affected by damp, it is advisable to applying the damp proofing process first as t will enable you in decorating the display properly.

Preventing health issues:

Applying damp proofing process helps in dealing with the health issues that might occur due to accumulate mold and mildew in your home. The growth of mold and mildew is observed simply because of the dampness that is present and observed in the home premise. It might turn up even worst and result into the health issues of respiratory system. These symbols aren’t good for the life of the home owner as well as the members of the home. Damp proofing helps in dealing with the situation in an effective manner.

Benefits of Metal Garage Over Wood Garage

Advantages of metal garage

Benefits of Metal garage

There is a misconception in the minds of various people that wood is the best material in any construction whether it be flooring, roofing or even garage. Undoubtedly wood is an excellent material but there can be something better than wood also. Metal garage are highly strong, durable and can last for a very long amount of time. Metal garage is also low maintenance and quite cost effective. Hence if any homeowner is tight on budget yet wants a protection for their vehicle then metal garage is best choice for them. Metal garage can be constructed very easily and they are so versatile that they can be constructed at any place like your homes or even at your office premises. If you are not able to believe that metal garage is better than wood garage and have an overrated opinion about wood in your mind then you must check out this article and know for you benefits of metal garage over wood garage.

  • Cost advantage

One of the major benefits that metal garage have over wood garage is the cost benefit. Wood is always high rated and extremely expensive which is not the case with metal garage. The structure of metal garage minim um level of construction and this is one of the major factors on its low cost. The less complexity in construction will also save you much time. On the other hand wood garage needs a perfect plan including plenty of materials. This will increase the cost of wood and also take more time in construction and implementation of the plan. If you go for installation of metal garage over wood garage then you can save up to 50% of the total cost.

  • Less time for construction

As compared with that of wood garage, metal garage will take lesser time for getting constructed. Hence if you are in any kind of hurry for getting your garage constructed then you must opt for metal garage. Lesser time for construction means lesser charges for labor which in turn leads to savings.

  • Durability

If you are opting for wood garage then it can get damaged if any instance of fire occurs. However these are not the case with metal garage as metal is not a material that will get affected by fire. Metal garages are constructed from very strong and durable materials and it will last for many years to come without having the need of repair and replacement if maintained properly.

  • Low maintenance

If you have installed wood garage then it would need very high level of maintenance as it would be having moisture issues, rotting issues, issue of getting damaged from insects. However on other hand if you are having metal garage installed then there would be no such issues of high level maintenance needed. Wood will need painting and staining over p-period of time whereas giving good wash will be enough for maintaining metal garage. Metal garage will be giving proper level of protection to your vehicle at low cost, low maintenance and great durability.

How to Clean Wood Sidings Using Pressure Washer

Cleaning wood sidings using pressure washer

Pressure washer used for Cleaning wood sidings

With the help of pressure washer you can easily remove the accumulate debris in the grimes of the wooden sidings. The grit might turn up causing damaging effects as the wood installed moves with the wind and also expands and contracts according to the temperature out there! Even, pressure washer is helpful in removing any accumulated stains on the surface of the wooden sidings. Burt you might need to use it with care as it might also turn up damaging the wooden sidings too. Here is the process of cleaning wooden sidings by using pressure washer as your tool for cleaning.

Pressure washer used for cleaning wooden sidings:

Preparation of the process:

Before you start up with the process of cleaning your wood sidings, it is important to prepare for the process. Before you start with the process, it is important to ensure that you can work through without stopping for even once while the entire process. Remove the plants and furniture that are placed near your wood sidings so that you can perform the process in a better way.

Anything that might turn up damaging by the spray should be either removed or covered properly. If you have hanged any decorations on the sidings, it is advisable of removing it off. Don’t forget to turn off any of the main supply to the exterior lights installed, so that spraying doesn’t end up damaging it. If you observe any of the siding board is damaged, it is advisable of not to spray it or clean it for the obvious reasons.

Don’t forget to carefully close the doors and windows of your home. I guess you don’t want to let any dirt or the spraying enter up the home interiors. If there is some of the members present in your home, it is advisable to inform them before you start up with the process.

Start spraying:

It is important to you to know that wood siding is not a strong material, so be careful while performing the process ahead. Don’t use a higher setting in your pressure washer for cleaning it. You should always know that a wood can get damaged if the flow of pressure washer is constantly sprayed in the same direction. So, it is important to keep moving the sprayer while cleaning it. Make the use of a fan tip for spraying the water.

Process of spraying:

The process of spraying should be carefully performed. Start with spraying the wood siding from the top most section of the sidings. This will offer you with no risk of you covering those of the areas that you’ve already cleaned. Don’t forget to spray it by keeping it in a downward angle. This will not damage or harm up the wooden surface. Spray a section at a time. Don’t be in a hurry for finishing your cleaning process. Finish up the process further. make sure you’re wearing properly safety measures so that you can don’t harm or injure yourself while performing the process.

Pros And Cons Of marble Flooring

Pros and cons of marble flooring

Marble flooring in bathroom

Marble tile is a natural flooring and it is generated form the mountains across the world. It is very much famous for its extraordinary beauty, elegance and the style. Marble flooring has been in the market since centuries and has beautified plenty of palaces of various kings and queens making this material a very upgraded and upscale material for homes. Marble flooring has proved itself very well and had stood with the test of time. Now just this much information about marble flooring is not enough if you are seriously considering marble flooring as a choice for your home then you must know more about it and research about it deeply before you go for installing it. To help you out about knowing more about marble flooring, here are some of the pros and cons of marble flooring.


  • Unique

Marble is a natural product from the earth and hence every single piece of marble which is used in the flooring is one of its kinds which make it very unique and you will not find any other like this anywhere else in the entire world. In case of multi-color marble this can be really very rare as each tile has different blend and combinations giving your floor a very unique and beautiful look. If you go for more solid colored looks then the changes and shifts will be very much subdued and subtle. This feature will give your floor a very different personality.

  • Natural look

Marble flooring in your home gives your home a very much natural look which you will probably not get in other types of flooring. It will give the feel of dignity and power of flowing mountain into an interior space. Even when this material is refined very heavily, the presence and inherent feel of the energy can have significant impact.

  • Stylish

One of the major pros of marble flooring is that it can loft up the look of the room instantly giving it such an appearance which is difficult to imitate. Marble is available in varied range of colors and even in several mixes giving the flexibility for various decorative schemes. Marble flooring tiles can be given various shapes like triangles of different size which will create a more complex mosaic installation.

  • Replacement

As we have discussed marble flooring is very unique and imitating it is not possible hence while installing it, you must have an extra box of marble tiles so that they can be used for replacement in case of any damage.


  • Water damage

Each and every natural stone is porous and marble flooring is very prone to water and penetration issues. Marble flooring can easily stain out by the colorful liquid agents.

  • Cracks

Marble flooring is very soft and hence whenever there is fall of any heavy substance chances are there of it getting cracked, chipped or breakage. Chances are there of getting it break even in the standard weight.

Pros And Cons Of Stone Flooring

Home having stone flooring

Stone flooring in home

Stone flooring are one of the beautiful flooring and is also very sturdy and having a long life. Stone flooring is also very versatile and it can be installed in almost any of the room of your home. Stone flooring is by far the only material which can be used in both places indoors and outdoors and that too with ease. This type of flooring can be a good choice for your home and if you are considering it to be installed in your home then you must know it in detail and also come to know about the pros and cons of it. Knowing the pros and cons of stone flooring will help you to decide whether it is appropriate for the weather you are residing and also the kind of lifestyle you have. To help you out with your decision making process, here are some of the pros and cons of stone flooring.


  • Long lasting

There is a reason why all the structures which were built in ancient time are still standing and that is because they are building out of stone. This proves that stone is very strong material and if you want your flooring to be strong enough to last for several numbers of years to come then stone flooring is perfect choice for you. If you are building your new home and you are intending to stay there for long period of time then stone flooring is great choice to make. As compared to that with wood flooring which needs high maintenance, finishing and replacement, stone flooring is very low maintenance material and don’t even need to be replaced very often.

  • Naturally cool

If you are residing in an area with warm climate or temperature all around the year then stone flooring is perfect choice for your home as it has the ability to keep itself cool naturally. If the temperature is rising outdoors then walking barefoot indoors on your stone flooring will give you a nice and satisfying feeling.

  • Stone can be used indoors and outdoors

You can connect your indoor and outdoor space and have a great flow by using the same flooring inside and outside of your flooring. You can do this if you install stone flooring in your home as it is compatible with both indoors and outdoors. This will look far better if you install large windows and sliding doors with glass.


  • Costly

There is no two ways that stone is a costly flooring option and you can’t get away with it. One of the ways of cutting down the cost is to buy the local stones as it will reduce the cost of shipping but even after deducting these costs, you will have to pay quite more. The overall costing of stone flooring is more as compared to other flooring options like wood.

  • Slippery surface

Stone flooring is quite slippery that too when they are wet. You can go for hones finish as it is less slippery but when it is wet, it also gets very slippery which can be issue if you have old age people and kids in home.

Tips on Cleaning Sidings by Using Pressure Washer

Person Cleaning sidings using pressure washer

Pressure washer used for cleaning siding

If you’re intending of cleaning something neatly, pressure washer cleaning is the only best alternative that helps in cleaning it deeply. But using pressure washer cleaning is important as it helps in performing a deep cleaning process that you’re in need of. Sidings are delicate in stricture, so be careful while using pressure washer treatment on the sidings installed. The material directly effects that how a pressure washer treatment can be used on the sidings. There’s nothing to worry about as there are many things and tips that will help you in cleaning the sidings by sing pressure washer. Follow them but be careful that you don’t end up damaging the sidings installed.

Pressure washer using tips:

  • It is advisable of not using the highest settings of the pressure washer while cleaning your sidings. On many of the pressure washers, the stated highest settings are considered to be way more powerful that can be used on any of the sidings. Basically, a pressure washer works in shooting out a constant speed jet of water which strikes up the sidings in a powerful flow.
  • Even, there are chances that the force of the water from the pressure washer can shoot out and damage many of the angles of the sidings if not concentrated accurately. It might simply result in loosening the fasteners attached and soon it might result in flying off the siding installed.
  • And, trust me folks! Replacing sidings turns up to be an expensive process which includes lots of time and money. Well, in order to avoid and prevent the damaging of your siding, it is advisable of using a medium forced setting that can help you in cleaning the siding in a better way.
  • The stream of the water will simply clean the surface elf the sidings and not damage it. Whenever we start cleaning the sidings, we want the job to be completed as quickly as possible. We often want to get off the dirt and debris from the siding by applying minimal amount of efforts. And this results in considering pressure washer to be the cure for all the process.
  • Doing this will definitely save your time but will result in damaging the surface of your sidings installed. One of the ways of using pressure washer is by spraying the water from the bottom part of the siding. As the pressure from the pressure washer is very high this can even result in dislodging the sidings parts which are installed.
  • There are many ways of using pressure washer but using it by following downward direction is among the most efficient one that will not damage or harm your sidings installed. It is important to keep the materials in mind while performing the process of cleaning the sidings by using pressure washer. Metal siding is easy to clean as it is not going to be affected by the water from the pressure washer but when it comes for vinyl sidings and wood sidings, you need to be more cautious while performing it.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Vinyl Flooring

Home having vinyl floor

vinyl floor in home

Vinyl flooring is either available in tile form or sheet form. It is considered as one of the cheapest types of flooring options. Vinyl flooring is very much popular among many homeowners as it offers a great value to your home. Vinyl flooring is available in wide array of colors, styles and designs. When there is so much available that too in friendly budget, why would anyone refrain from installing vinyl flooring in their homes? If you are choosing vinyl tiles to be installed in your home, then it can be cut very easily and can also be installed very easily and one of the good news is that you can also opt for DIY installation of vinyl tiles. On the other hand, if you are choosing sheet vinyl then, it can be difficult for a DIY installer to install it in the home. However you should make any decision in hurry and choosing the flooring for your home is no small matter. Take your time and weigh the pros and cons of vinyl flooring and then decide yourself which one weighs more and then go for installation if you think so.


  • Ease in installation

One of the biggest benefits of installing vinyl floor in home is that it can be installed very easily. This will save you money if you go for DIY installation and even if you are hiring professional for installing it then also it would not be costing you too much due to ease in installation.

  • Stain resistant

If you are opting for printed vinyl tiles then they would be coming with a wear layer which would be acting as a surface barrier saving up your floor from spills and stains. These materials are extremely easy to clean and even maintenance is also quite easy. Even if there is any stain on your floor, clean it on the spot and you would not need ay cleaning solution also.

  • Low on cost

Those homeowners who are tight on budget and finding a flooring option which is good offering several benefits, that too in budget then vinyl floor are perfect choice for them. There are several choices in quality, design and price and you can pick the one matching with your needs and you price to offer.

  • Durability

Vinyl flooring has good durability and it can last for a long period of time if maintained properly. These flooring can last up to 20 years depending upon the quality you are choosing.


  • Problem in repairing

One of the major drawbacks of installing vinyl flooring is that it is quite difficult to repair it when it gets damaged. Vinyl is such a material which cannot be refinished and hence when it gets damaged there is no other option then to remove it and replace it with the new one. However this thing is also easy when it comes to tile installed as compared to that with sheet vinyl.

Positives And Negatives Of Metal Siding

Benefits and drawbacks of metal siding

Positives and negatives of metal siding

There will be varied range of siding options available to you when you go for finding one. However this can be a good thing and also a bad one. Now good thing is that you have so many choices and hence you don’t have to stick to one. Whereas the bad thing is that when you don’t have adequate knowledge about the types of siding you will be confused and choosing the one would be very difficult. To help you out, here is one siding type which is considerable and a reliable choice for any home. While seeing the siding choices, check out metal siding and see whether it can fit your needs properly or not. However you cannot just opt for metal siding just like that. You need to evaluate it properly, make proper research on metal siding and then decide whether to go for it or not. Here are some of the positives and negatives of metal siding which will help you to check this option more deeply and help you in your decision making process.


  • Better comfort and energy efficiency

One of the biggest positives of choosing metal siding is that you will get better energy efficiency in your home along with good comfort.             When it comes about energy efficiency, it will always refer to savings. The cooling cost of your home will be through your roof only. Reflective coatings will divert the UV rays of sun away from the house which will help in keeping the interior of your home cool and will result in reducing the amount of time your AC needs to run. On the other hand if you are residing in a cool climate, you can pick dark shades for your metal siding which will help in absorbing the sun rays and will be helpful in keeping your home warm. The manufacturer of your metal siding will help you in choosing which the best options suitable to your climate are.

  • Sustainable material

Metal siding and even steel siding are sustainable products when it comes to being ecofriendly. Metal siding will help the homeowners to meet up with the requirement of green building codes. Metal siding is not only built from the reused or recycled products but these can also be recycled on the end of life. Hence it will be leaving the minimum level of carbon footprint.


  • High upfront costing

One of the major negatives which stop the homeowners from installing metal siding is its upfront cost. As compared with that of other siding options, metal siding and that too steel siding costs high outset cost. However it is going to be covered in the lifetime of this siding. If you buy high qualitative metal siding now, you will have to pay less for the repairs and avoid replacement costs meanwhile. You will also need very minute amount of maintenance which is not the case with other siding options. Down the line, ultimately you will end up saving only.

How To Clean And Paint Garage Floors

Homeowner painting garage floor

Painting garage floor with roller

Painting garage floors and cleaning them goes side by side as you cannot go for painting garage floor without cleaning them. If your garage floor looks too much old, dull and dirty, you must take a day out of your tight schedule and go for cleaning and painting garage floors. You need to pick up some tools and supplies before you start cleaning and painting garage floors. Here are some of the must needed things for cleaning and painting garage floors.

  • Push broom
  • Paint brush
  • Extension pole
  • Epoxy paste
  • Cat litter
  • Concrete cleaner
  • Pressure washer
  • Paint roller cover and frame

Once you have collected all the tools and supplies, you can start up with the process of cleaning and painting garage floors.

  • Get rid of the oil and grease spots

Before you paint or seal or your garage floor or go for power washing it, you have t remove the grease and oils stains from your garage floors. Cover up the stains of grease with a layer of cat litter or saw dust. These things will be absorbing excess amount of oil and grease and also the rust spots. Let these materials stay on your garage floor for minimum one day. Make use of push broom having rigid bristles for sweeping up the saw dust, dirt and cat litter. Put some of the dry dishwashing solution or the concrete cleaning solution on the stain. Allow the cleaning solution to sit on the stain for 45 minutes and then pour some of the boiling water on it and then scrub the area gently with the broom on the stained section. If the stains are very much stubborn then you can make use of muriatic acid mixed up with pressure washer. Allow this acid to sit for some seconds and then rinse it off with clean water. Make use of baking soda on the clear area for neutralizing the acid and then clean it off.

  • Get rid of rust stains

Make use of combination of trisodium phosphate along with hot water and make your concrete wet with this solution. Allow it to sit there for 15 minutes and then rinse it with clear water and you will get rid of rust stains.

  • Fill up the cracks

You can make sue of epoxy paste for filing up the small cracks. Once you are done with filling the crack, take off the excess epoxy from the floor. After the repair is dried totally, do some light sanding for making the finish smooth. Let the repair dry properly for sufficient amount of time.

  • Paint your floor

After you are done with cleaning and repairing your garage floor, it’s time to seal it you can make use of sealant which will also be working as primer if you are going to paint garage floors. After all these you can finally go for painting garage floors. Make sure to use epoxy paint which are designed specifically for garage floors only. Mix well and then apply the paint to your garage floor.

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