Pipeline Constructions

Use of bulldozer for constructing pipeline

Construction of pipeline

Pipeline constructions involve various tasks prior to, during and after the construction. It starts with surveying and staking the area, creating the right-of-way and trenching the path where the pipeline will be constructed. Stringing of pipes which involves putting the pipes end to end is the next step. Once this is done the actual construction of pipelines begins. This involves, bending the pipes and joining them. The ends of the pipes are welded together, using epoxy resins as sealants.

Once this is done, a protective coating is applied on them to ensure they don’t corrode and are resistant to natural corroding factors. The pipelines are then lowered into the trenches that have been dug out using bulldozers and special cranes. After installing proper fittings and tightening the valves etc. the trenches are recovered. Pressure testing is done for some time with the pipes using air, water and methanol. After this the right-of-way is brought back to its original contour by replacing the top soil.

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