Pros And Cons Of Stone Flooring

Home having stone flooring

Stone flooring in home

Stone flooring are one of the beautiful flooring and is also very sturdy and having a long life. Stone flooring is also very versatile and it can be installed in almost any of the room of your home. Stone flooring is by far the only material which can be used in both places indoors and outdoors and that too with ease. This type of flooring can be a good choice for your home and if you are considering it to be installed in your home then you must know it in detail and also come to know about the pros and cons of it. Knowing the pros and cons of stone flooring will help you to decide whether it is appropriate for the weather you are residing and also the kind of lifestyle you have. To help you out with your decision making process, here are some of the pros and cons of stone flooring.


  • Long lasting

There is a reason why all the structures which were built in ancient time are still standing and that is because they are building out of stone. This proves that stone is very strong material and if you want your flooring to be strong enough to last for several numbers of years to come then stone flooring is perfect choice for you. If you are building your new home and you are intending to stay there for long period of time then stone flooring is great choice to make. As compared to that with wood flooring which needs high maintenance, finishing and replacement, stone flooring is very low maintenance material and don’t even need to be replaced very often.

  • Naturally cool

If you are residing in an area with warm climate or temperature all around the year then stone flooring is perfect choice for your home as it has the ability to keep itself cool naturally. If the temperature is rising outdoors then walking barefoot indoors on your stone flooring will give you a nice and satisfying feeling.

  • Stone can be used indoors and outdoors

You can connect your indoor and outdoor space and have a great flow by using the same flooring inside and outside of your flooring. You can do this if you install stone flooring in your home as it is compatible with both indoors and outdoors. This will look far better if you install large windows and sliding doors with glass.


  • Costly

There is no two ways that stone is a costly flooring option and you can’t get away with it. One of the ways of cutting down the cost is to buy the local stones as it will reduce the cost of shipping but even after deducting these costs, you will have to pay quite more. The overall costing of stone flooring is more as compared to other flooring options like wood.

  • Slippery surface

Stone flooring is quite slippery that too when they are wet. You can go for hones finish as it is less slippery but when it is wet, it also gets very slippery which can be issue if you have old age people and kids in home.

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