Pros And Cons Of Wood Carport

Benefits and drawbacks of wood carport

Pros and cons of wood carport

If you are not having a carport already and parking your car outside your home then you must consider having a carport in your home. Of course installing carport is a big investment and an expensive process but protection of your car is equally important. You cannot risk your car by parking it anywhere and exposing it to heat, wind, rain and snow. There are plenty of materials for carport metal, steel, aluminum, wood and many more. However the best type and the most popular one is wood carport. Hence if you are considering installing carport in your home, you must take wood carport in consideration. To get to the conclusion whether you want to install wood carport, you must evaluate wood carport in detail. Here are some of the pros and cons to help you out whether you should be installing it in your home or not.


  • Versatile

Wood carports frame can be build up in almost size you want and this makes wood carport a very much versatile materials. Wood carport offers you with freedom to protect vehicle of any size you wish. If you are having a small car or any other small vehicle then you can go for building wood carport of small size. On a contrary if you having a truck or RV, you can go fir building wood carport of big size. You can go for installing wood carport which are freestanding or also go for that wood carport which are attached to building or home.

  • Aesthetic appeal

The aesthetic appeal of wood carport is far good as compared with that of other materials for carport. These carports can easily blend in with any houses and mixes up naturally with any types of homes. You are also open with the option of painting or staining wood carport to match it up with the exterior of the home. Steel carport, aluminum carport and metal carport can give more of an industrial look to your home which is not the case with wood carport.


  • Needs maintenance

Wood is a material which always need good keep up to maintain its life and beauty. If you are ready to devote your time and attention towards its maintenance then you should definitely go for installing wood carport in your home. As compared to that with other material choices for carport, wood carport needs more maintenance. This type of carport needs to seal every few years to save it from damage which can be caused by wind, sun and insects. If you want your wood carport to look at its best, you need to paint and stain your wood carport every few years. If you don’t do, the beauty will be faded and it won’t look much beautiful. Wood carport has a good life and don’t needs to be replaced very often but only when it is maintained properly and taken care of in timely manner.


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