Pros and Cons: Tile Flooring

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Tile flooring is among the popular option of flooring that can be installed in any of the room in your home. Well, a wide variety of patterns, designs and colors available in tile flooring that might put the home owners in a huge dilemma is which one to select for the home. There are different ranges of colors, sizes, materials and shapes exist in today’s time. Tile flooring is a flooring option that is suitable in most of the rooms, but especially tile flooring option is sued in bathrooms and kitchen area in the home. With so many of its benefits, there are certain disadvantages that are supplied with the tile flooring option. Here are the list of Pros and Cons of Tile flooring option for your home.

Tile flooring option:


Well, there are many benefits of tile flooring. Here are the most useful and accurate benefits that suits perfectly for home owners planning of installing tile flooring.

  • Tile flooring option is well-known and popular. It is one of the most beautiful flooring option that that helps in adding the element of beauty to your floors. It is available in so many different colors, ranges, sizes, patterns and shapes that increase your flooring style and you’re room’s designer look.
  • Tile flooring option is quite durable in nature. As most of the tile flooring option is hard to crack, destroy and break. You can simply try it out by dropping a piece of glass or any other hard material on your floors, the proof will be in front of you.
  • Well, according to me, tile flooring is easy to install as compared to other flooring options. With a little amount of time and using accurate tools and materials, it’ easy for any average person for installing it on their own.


Each and every thing is supplied with some of the flaws in it. So, why not in the case of tile flooring?

  • Well, tile flooring option is quite cold to touch. If you’re having sensitive skin and feet or simply if you catch up the cold easily, going barefoot on the tile floors is not at all a good option. Especially for colder months, tile floors tend to catch up more cooling effects as compared to other flooring options.
  • If you like to wear high heels and click and clack shoes, well, I must say tile flooring is not a suitable option of flooring for your home. Tile flooring is noisier as compared to other flooring materials.
  • If planning of installing tile flooring as the option in your home, be ready for your every step known to the members and also for the echoing too. As tile flooring tends to increase the sound ratio and has the tendency of carrying the sound to the down hallway and across the rooms.
  • There are more chances of slipping when your tile floors are wet enough, you need to be attentive while installing it because it might damage your health as well some of your bones too!!


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