Seal Log Homes with Chinking Compounds

Seal log homes

Home having seal log

When you visit log homes, you will notice that most of them have chinking compounds. There are benefits of having chinking compounds to seal log homes. Chinking is one material that has the ability to repel insects that might attack the logs used in the construction of the house. Chinking is also a hardy material that is able to keep moisture out of the interior of your house. It can also help in heat regulation inside the house by keeping cold and too much warmth out of the house. Chinking is available in many different colors which can be used to improve the aesthetics of you house.

While sealing a log home using chinking, you should apply it both on the interior and exterior surfaces. The backer rod is an important chinking applying piece of equipment that you should have when sealing a log house. If you want to have a water-proof log home, seal it with chinking.

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