Specialized Construction

Specialised home construction

Customised home construction

Specialized construction can also be referred to as individualized, personalized or customized construction. Much like haute couture or high fashion, it shies away from any mass style only dealing in the intricate and garish. It is being undertaken at the behest of the rich and the famous, those who have money to fork out. To explain, rich people hire architects, contractors and interior decorators for the purpose of giving a business or residential construction their intended vision.

They do not mind what money it takes and they do not care. This way the buildings are made full of lavish super structures, with a great eye to detail, creation of illusory space, intricate patterning and a look of resplendence. To turn the definition on its head, specialized construction can also mean a group of niche constructors, looking for lower volumes but customized work to bear the brunt of recession better.

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