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Reasons To Install Solar Panels

Installation of solar panels in  home

Installation of solar panels

If you have ever thought whether the benefits of solar panels can overcome its costing drawback then you are not the only one thinking this. Many other people think about this. The installation of solar panels in today’s time has gradually increased as compared with the first time when it was installed. In fact installation of solar panels has increased by 70% in the year 2017 as compared with the previous year whereas the costing of installation has dropped. This means that the trend of solar panel is increasing which is definitely extremely beneficial. If you are not pretty much convinced about installing solar panels on your roof then see these reasons and decide yourself why you should install solar panels on your roof.

  • Save some of your bucks

The average solar array will be costing in between $10000 to $35000. If you find this very much expensive then have a look at this recent study which shows that the users of solar panels can save up to an average of $44 to $187 per month starting from the very first month of installing solar panels on your roof. This means you would be saving $528 to $2244 in a year and this clearly shows that the cost of installing solar panels can be recovered by itself in a period of 5 years. Not only this can you be saving up a lot on your energy utility bills for plenty of years to come. Hence on an average you would be able to save more than $20000 in a period of 20 years. In certain areas this amount can reach to $64000.

  • Environment friendly

Installation of just single solar system can save up 178 tons of carbon dioxide in a period of 30 years and this would be equal to plantation of tress in 10 football field. Usage of solar energy by installing solar panel is of the greatest ecofriendly thing you can do for saving the environment. It is based only on sunlight and hence you can save many nonrenewable resources from getting exhausted. You can also reduce the global warming effect by installing solar panels on your roof. Instead of burning up the fossil fuels which gradually destroys the ozone layer of earth and melts the ice caps, it’s better to go for installing solar panels and reduce tis effect  at least a bit.

  • Earn tax credit

If you are not convinced with all the above reasons of installing solar panels, then this one of the major reasons for installing solar panels. One of the major economic benefits of installing solar panels is that it offers 30% of the federal tax credit of the both commercial and residential properties and even several state governments also offer additional tax credit for installing solar panels. Make sure that the tax credit will get expired on 31st December and after that time period, this tax credit will drop by 10% for commercial properties and will get totally eliminated for residential properties.




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