Tips on Cleaning Painted Walls

Lady cleaning the Painted Wall

Painted Walls cleaned by a girl

Want to know, how to maintain a fresh look on your painted walls by keeping them free from dirt, dust, spots and stains? There are many different ways of preventing your painted walls from getting dirty and stained. Preventive maintenance to the painted walls means less time spent scrubbing the dirt from the walls later on. The tips on cleaning the painted walls for attaining a fresh look are stated below.

Painted walls cleaning tips:

  • Dust and vacuum your painted walls regularly for making it look fresh again. A short process of getting rid of the accumulated dirt and dust from the surface of the painted walls is by using a microfiber dusting cloth attached with a long handed sweeper is the best.
  • Exercise it say for every month for making it clean as before. You’ll need to take off the furniture and the pictures from the walls. Areas that are more covered by the things won’t get dirty enough. Make sure you’re not forgetting the ceiling and the top most areas of your room.
  • Well, it would not take more than 15 to 20 minutes for cleaning them. When it comes for cleaning the bathroom and the kitchen walls, don’t forget to remove the residues from the painted walls.
  • Remove the steamy vapors and the cooking residue from the painted walls of your kitchen and the bathroom by cleaning them at least once in a year. Start rubbing the painted walls from the bottom and head towards the upper section. It will help you in making the process of cleaning more effectively.
  • Prepare the solution by mixing water into a soft liquid detergent and make the use a natural sponge for rubbing and cleaning your painted walls. Don’t take whole of the wall at a time, take small section s of the walls and wait for the result.
  • Make the use of an old towel for drying off the walls. Don’t forget to wash off the wood works as well for making the whole space look freshen up again. Homemade soap mixture or the solutions works best for cleaning the painted walls in your home.
  • Like mix a cup of ammonia with a teaspoon of dishwashing detergent and mix water in it. Apply it on the surface of your painted walls. Rub and scrub it well for removing the dirt accumulated on the surface. Rinse it properly by making the use of clean and plain water and here you go with a shiny and fresh look of your painted walls again.
  • It’s advisable of testing the painted walls before you’re heading forwards of cleaning it. Certain cleaning solution might prove reactive to your walls. Take a small part of your walls which is not much observed and try the cleaning solution on that part.
  • Wait for the results before you apply the cleaning solution in the entire surface of the walls. Even most of the painted surface is washable but certain are not washable. Make sure you know your painted walls before you’re proceeding for cleaning them.

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