Tips To Clean Wooden Floor

Ways of Cleaning wooden floor

Tips of Cleaning wooden floor

It is since years that we adore the beauty and natural looks of wooden floor. However beautiful it looks, it also takes that much effort in return for maintaining that beauty. However when it comes to maintaining wooden floors, the basic thing is cleaning wooden floor. You might be thinking what the big deal in cleaning wooden floor is but it is a big deal in cleaning wooden floor. Wood is a sensitive material and also expensive one and you don’t want to ruin it or damage it while choosing the wrong cleaning material or choosing the wrong cleaning technique. To avoid any such scenario, it is advisable to learn various tips for cleaning wooden floor. There are several types of wooden floor and each one of them has different cleaning needs and techniques. Here are some of the tips of cleaning wooden floor which will be guide and helping you out to clean your wood floor without damaging it.

  • Cleaning wooden floor which are finished

Majority of the modern hardwood floors are finished. This means that they are all coated with heavy duty. They also have hard wearing sealant which is used for protecting the wood under it. Urethane, polyacrylic and polyurethane are some of the common sealants as these are stain resistant and are also waterproof.  These being waterproof means you can clean wooden floors easily with water without any worry of moisture issues and water damaging your floor. You can clean wooden floors which are finished with water mixed up with mild cleaning agents like laundry detergent and liquid dishwashing. Even though these are waterproof you should make sure to use little bit of water and not too much as at the end these is wood only. There are several floors which are prefinished and that means that the floor boards are already sealed before even they gets fit into your home. This will lead in having cracks in the floorboard from where water can seep in to and can damage your wooden floor. When you are making use of soap and water, ensure to wrong the mop totally so that it is not laid on the floor too much and just a little to take all the dust and dirt from the floor.

  • Cleaning wooden floors which are unfinished

Having unfinished wooden floor means that the surface of your floor is matte instead of being glossy. One of the drawbacks of having matter surface is that scratches will be seen more easily on such floors and cleaning will also be a concern here which is not there in case of glossy finish of wooden floor. In today’s time, there are very few wooden floors which are unfinished and rests all are finished. While cleaning wooden floors which are unfinished, you need to make sure you are not allowed to use extreme water as it will damage the floor. Open all your windows and keep the room ventilated while cleaning wooden floor which are unfinished to keep it away from moisture issues.

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