Tips To Paint An Aluminum Garage Door

Ways of Painting aluminum garage door

Tips of Painting aluminum garage door

Do you have a garage? Is your garage door of aluminum and it looks dull and old? If yes then it’s high time you make it look like new again. One of the easiest ways to make your garage door look like new is to paint it. By painting an aluminum garage door, you can make your garage door polished and clean without having the need of replacing it. This is one of the most simple and cheapest ideas of making your aluminum garage door look like new. Firstly you have to gather all the supplies for painting an aluminum garage door. Here is a list of things you will need for painting an aluminum garage door.

  • Ladder
  • Paint brush
  • Drop cloths
  • Sponge
  • Turpentine or solvent
  • Soapy water
  • Exterior paint either acrylic or oil based
  • Primer preferably oil based
  • Scrubbing brush

After collecting all the supplies, start with the process of painting an aluminum garage door.

  • Clean your door

It is important to clean your garage door before you start to paint an aluminum garage door. If you want a perfect surface for the primer, you have make aluminum free from any dirt, dust or anything else. If it is not done so, the paint will not adhere properly with the surface and it will not look that good. If there are any loose particles then get rid of it by using firm bristled brush and make use of warm and soapy water for cleaning the door and scrub and get rid of any loose parts which chips away from the surface. Aluminum is such a material which doesn’t get oxidized but its factory finish can do deteriorate.

  • Prepare your aluminum door

It is more preferable to avoid painting the outside objects in cold, hot or wet weather. Alloys and metals will be expanding in hot air and will be retaining heat and hence the paint is not going to dry in the highest standard which you would be expecting. Hence when you are planning to paint an aluminum garage door, try to pick a day which is mild and clear for getting the desired result.

  • Paint your aluminum door

When you are painting your aluminum door, make sure to paint from top to bottom. If you are painting the bottom part first, you will have to repaint it after you are done with painting the top as the paint spills will be coming on the bottom part while you are painting the top part. Oil based exterior paint will be good for painting an aluminum garage door. Use a large brush while painting as it will help you to complete the job faster and more easily.

  • Apply second coat

When you are done with applying first coat of paint, allow some time for letting it dry. Once it is dry, you can apply the second coat of it. Make sure you leave 24 hours before applying second coat of paint. While applying second paint coat of paint, make sure to be smooth to get a uniform surface.

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