Tips To Paint Your Fence

Tips of painting your fence

Homeowner painting your fence

Fence provides protection to your home but fence also needs protection. Fence is an outdoor structure which is exposed to high winds, extreme sun, rain and such other weather elements and hence it also needs care and protection at some point of time. One of the ideas for protecting your fence is painting it. For maintain your fence you need to paint your fence every 2 to 3 years. If it is metal fence, you need to paint it to save it from corrosion. If it is wood fence, you need to paint it to save it from rotting. Hence whichever type of fence you have, you need to paint your fence for giving it protection. Painting your fence is a time consuming process but yet it is extremely important if you want your fence to last for a long time. If you want to avoid expensive repairs and replacement then you need to paint your fence. Without fail paint your fence at regular intervals and you will be able to enhance the durability of your fencing. Here are some of the tips to paint your fence if you want to do it by your own.

  • Prepare area around fence

One of the most critical phases of painting your fence is preparation. Now you would definitely be having plants around the fence and you have grown them with so much effort and don’t want to hurt them for sure. Start with protecting the vegetation around your fence before painting your fence. This is definitely a time taking process but it will surely make your work easier. Start with edging and mowing the grass you see on the fence line. Also trim the shrubs and bushes back which are touching the fence.

  • Choose the right type of paint

One of the essential parts of painting your fence is to choose the right paint type for your fence. Pick the outdoor paint for painting your fence. Indoor paints will not be such to combat with the external forces like sun and wind, whereas on a contrary, outdoor paint will definitely be able to combat with these forces easily and will not get off so quickly. You can try acrylic paint as it is very much durable and provide adequate protection to your fence. You can also try for oil based paint but it will need several coats and not much protective as compared to that with acrylic paint. If you have iron fencing then for painting it you can try out enamel paint. For using this paint you will have treat the iron surface with rust inhibiting primer. The easiest type of paint is epoxy paint as it is very much durable and it is only one step process.

  • Choose the right day for painting

You must check out the weather conditions while painting your fence. It’s an outdoor paint project and you must be sure that there will be no rain or snow. The project of painting your fence must be undertaken only when the weather is dry and there is adequate amount of sunlight.

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