Tips To Wash Your Drywall

Tips of cleaning your drywall

Tools of cleaning your drywall

Washing up your dishes, your bathroom, your clothes, your floors and such other things would be like a normal thing for you. It would seem like a routine work and would be included in your common maintenance work. However these places are not the only places in your home which gets dirty. There are certain places also which gets dirty and needs washing and cleaning, like your drywall. On occasional basis, it is also very much important to wash your walls. Many homes have drywall and it can be bit complicated to know the process to wash your drywall. Majority of the drywall is covered up with paint or wallpaper. This helps to protect the bare drywall from getting dirty and dull. It can still get dirty and you need to wash your drywall in regular intervals. However washing your drywall should be done very carefully or else chances are there of it getting damaged and needing costly repairs. Here is simple and easy process to know how to wash your drywall to save your wall from damage and costly repairs.

  • Despite of the fact whether you have painted or protected your drywall, it is important to dust your drywall on a regular base by using a dry cloth or a feather duster for keeping the dust and dirt out of your drywall. This is only cleaning needed in regular basis for your drywall to keep it clean. Keeping the dust out of your drywall will improvise its overall appearance and will help you to keep your drywall in good condition.
  • For doing some deep cleaning, you can use a cellulose sponge. You can get this cellulose sponge easily at any of the home improvement stores or any of the stores which keeps cleaning materials of home. This is a rubbery sponge which soaks up light liquids. Washing your drywall with a wet sponge will leave the wall also wet which will make your wall damp and leave excess water on the wall leading to moisture issues? Thus using normal sponge or rags are not advisable and cellulose sponge is the best fit for washing your drywall.
  • Make the appropriate cleaning solution for getting rid of the stains and dirt. If you are having drywall which is not painted or you are going to paint your drywall very soon then it is advisable to use cleaning solution having one cup of white vinegar mixed with one gallon of water. If your drywall is having buildup of grease or any such stubborn dirt, then you might need mixture of ammonia. Mix up one cup of ammonia with one gallon of water will remove any stubborn dirt on your drywall.
  • Soak your cellulose sponge into the cleaning mixture made by you and then clean it properly. Make sure the sponge is not too much damp to avoid moisture issues on your drywall. Clean the drywall in bottom to low direction. Wipe the wall with damp cloth to get sparkling clean drywall.

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