Types of Foundations


An Artifical doundation - Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

On the broad level foundations are of two types. A natural foundation is laid where the soil is compact to a great level and hence cannot be further compressed. The foundation is hence raised on the immediate soil. It is often good to provide a drain at the lowest area to ensure there is no water clogging in the foundation. Sometimes, the soil is blasted and shaken a bit, and the uneven patches are cut and filled with concrete to make it tight and compact.

Artificial foundation means when a building is supported by an artificial structure. These could be spread, pile or pier foundations. Spread foundations are laid extending on either side of the walls to reduce the pressure per unit area. Pile foundation is when long round or pointed timber or other wood like oak is used. When there is a hard layer beneath soft soil, piers are dug through the soil which is filled with concrete for good support.

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