Types of Laminate Floor Molding

Image of T-molding

T-molding image

For completing the process of installing laminate floor, laminate floor molding is among the most essential parts of the process. Basically the work of laminate floor molding offers the home owners with a finished look and also helps in avoiding the expansion joint that is important. For better knowledge here are certain types of laminate floor molding and see for how to use it in your floor. Follow them for getting the knowledge of which types of laminate floor molding.

Laminate floor molding types:

End molding:

Another common type of laminate floor molding is end mold. This type of transition piece is usually shaped in the size of “L”. One of the “L” covers the edge of the laminate while the other section of it is attached to the ground. It is basically applied on the laminate floor that meets the outside door to give it a perfect finished. It is also used for installing the laminate next to the carpet too.

It is also named by a carpet reducer sometimes. Before installing the carpet, it is advisable to lay it first before you step ahead for the installation. It also helps in giving a perfect place for tucking up the carpet with a base.


It is among the most common type of laminate floor molding. It is easily available to the market and it is also termed to be the most famous laminate floor molding that can be used in your home. As the name suggest it is basically in the shape of “T”. The middle section of the molding goes into the ground and the two sides of the molding is helpful in covering the two sides of the floor. This type of molding is basically designed for holding two type of flooring options together.

For example you can make the use of laminate floor with the combination of hardwood floor. This combination works perfectly well by using T-molding for its intersection. Installing T-molding is important as it helps in working best for the contractions and the expansion of the flooring according to the temperature. It also helps in covering the edges of the laminate floors you installed in your home.


One of the commonly used laminate floor molding is a reducer. You can make the use of it for your laminate floors that are installed in your home. Reducer works in covering the edges of the laminates and hen works in reducing down the thinner surface. Well, this type of molding is best suitable while you’re replacing your laminate floors to the vinyl or other types of flooring option. Due to this feature, many of the home owners address it as vinyl reducers too. It will simply help you in offering a gradual sloppy effect that will turn up making the surface thinner. Even stairnose is another type of molding that is most commonly used in many of the forms. Home owners have the choice to decide, which type of laminate floor molding you want to install in your floors.

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