Types Of Natural Stone Tiles

various types of Natural stone tiles

Types of Natural stone tiles

Natural stone is one of the most ancient materials you can use for your homes floor. However being such ancient also, it is quite fashionable and stylish. One of the best things about natural stone tiles is that they can install in any part of your home whether it is interior or it is exterior. If you decide to for installation of natural stone tiles then you must know which type of natural stone tiles you want to go for. For choosing the one out of various types of natural stone, you need to check All of them and then decide which is the best suitable to your home. Here are some of the popular types of natural stone tiles for your home.

Types of natural stone tiles

  • Granite stone

Granite is considered as one of the hardest natural stone and this why it is used most frequently in the kitchen. Granite is manufactured from the cooling magma which is found underground. The cooling process is extremely slow and granite is building both hardness and strength as it goes in the process. Granite is made up from plenty of minerals like feldspar and quartz. This will give granite its granular texture and composition. The strength of this material is also its weakness. Granite is very hard and strong and while you are installing it subfloor should be totally leveled and it should possess enough strength to support the heavy structure of natural stone. If your current flooring is having bumps or if it has tiny valleys, granite tiles are such that they will crack that easily. Granite natural stone tiles are beautiful and have varied choice in color along with tough surface and can take wear and tear comfortably from the normal lifestyle but it is heavy and needs proper support.

  • Marble stone

Marble is such natural stone which is made up from limestone crystallizes. This made from the result of high temperature and high pressure formed underground. This natural stone will become hard and dense as it gets crystallized. The hardness of this natural stone will be polished and smoothed at the time of the process. Just like the other natural stones, marble also need to be applying a protective sealant before using it. It must be maintained properly and must also be applied again for protecting it and maintaining it regularly. Marble is more susceptible to staining and hence you have to clean the floor instantly before you after any spills to avoid any essential damage. If the marble floor is left untreated with things like fruit juice, alcohol or any such products then it will stain your floor.

  • Slate stone

This natural stone is formed in the earth very deep as shale having right combination of pressure and heat. These types of natural stone have bit of dull and unfinished and uneven look. They are available in plenty of color and design choices. These types of natural stone will give more of a rustic and modern look.

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