Water Supply and Various Types of Pipes

Different types of Water supply pipes

Six types of Water supply pipes

Water supply is generally the subsequent generation of water to various parts of a housing system. The supply is normally done with the help of pipes from a public water supply. Such a scheme requires an individual to familiarize themselves with the available types of pipes before settling on one type of pipe. This will ensure that you choose the ideal type which suits your needs to the maximum.

The available types of pipes include the likes of metallic, cement and plastic pipes. All these types are used for supplying water to various parts of the house. Their prices vary considerably depending with their life span. For the metallic pipes, you will certainly find the likes of CI pipes, GI and steel pipes.

Cement pipes includes the likes of asbestos cement pipes among others. They are ideal since they are corrosive resistance as opposed to other types of pipes. Cement pipes are normally bulky and thus heavy to carry around

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