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Weatherproofing your home

Constructions need to be guarded against weather reverses. In beach areas, the hurricanes and typhoons play havoc. In temperate areas, the freezing cold and snow create trouble and in the tropical areas, heat and monsoon catches one unawares. Thus it is quintessential to shelter your construction against any such weather debacle.

When the term is used jointly, the connotation becomes different. Weatherproofing refers to flashing or roof flashing techniques employed to cover the passage from where water can leak. Generally, this is done with layering of impervious, non-porous material at incongruous surfaces like chimneys and conduits from where water can jut at a ferocious pace.

Roof flashing or weatherproofing can assume the form of exposed flashing and concealed flashing. The materials generally used for the purpose are bituminous fabrics. Also, the climate and structural framework of a particular construction are also judged prior to using a material.

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