What are permanent wood foundations? Where can they be used?

Home having wood foundation

Wood foundation in home

Permanent wood foundations are basically all weather wood foundations that are just ideal for construction of foundation of flat or sloped building sites. PWF has curved a niche already in the market. One of the basic advantages of this type of foundation is that it is highly energy efficient. PWF or permanent wood foundation is actually an insulated framed wall that is water resistant and durable when compared to ‘above-ground wall’.

You may get your permanent wood foundations from companies that manufacture complete panels suiting your building plans. These even come along with no leak warranties for several years. Which means it is better and effective than concrete foundations that may suffer  leakage due to incessant rains. By installing a PWF, you cut down on expenses of construction in bad weather since it can be done in any condition. They provide you with great insulation and keep your rooms dry.

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