Process of Installing Plantation Shutters

Building Plantation shutters

Installing Plantation shutters

Plantation window shutters are one of the most popular window treatments in trend nowadays. These are really a great addition when you see its price, the beauty it adds and the convenience it offers. Despite of the fact that it beautifies your home and is a great value addition to your home, one of the issues with plantation shutters is that they are not DIY installation types. You need to hire a professional for installing plantation shutters in your home. However, if you are little bit handy and experienced, you can avoid this expenditure and try to install plantation shutters yourself if you follow the right steps in the right way. Firstly you need to gather all the supplies for installing plantation shutters before starting the job. You want to get disturbed in the middle of the process due to lack of certain material or tool. Here is a list of tools you will need for installing plantation shutters.

  • Pencil
  • Tin snips
  • Dap chalking
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Measuring tape
  • Power drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Small or resin hammer
  • Carpenters level
  • Dap chalking

Process of installing plantation shutters

  • Mark up the walls

The installation of standard plantation shutters is done by adding the hanging stripes which are connected with them. Here both the hanging strip and shutters are connected by two basic hinges by which the shutter and hanging strips are attached. If you want to install shutter in even manner, you will have to mark up the place on the wall where you are going to attach the hanging strip. Hold up the hanging strip against the wall where you want to install your plantation shutter.  When you get the right position, make two marks there. One mark should be at the outside edge of the hanging strip and another one should be at the top edge.

  • Attach the panels

After you are done with attaching the hanging strips, you need to attach the panels. While attaching the panels you have to make sure that two panels are at the same level. If they are not in even manner, you need to adjust them to that level. You can use the hinges for making such adjustments. For attaching the panels and keeping the hinges at their place, you can make use of screws. Ensure to tighten the screws properly.

  • Install hardware and plugs

You need to attach the magnetic catches which will help in keeping the shutters closed when the magnet and metal piece are touching each other.  When there is surety that the panels are adjusted properly, it’s time to insert the bottom hole plugs which will cover the screw heads.

  • Adjust the tension

When you are done with all the steps of installing plantation shutters, it’s time to adjust the tension properly. Tighten or loosen the screws on each and every side of the panels as per the adjustment you want to make. Make sure you are not over tightening or over losing it as it will be hindrance in adjusting the tension.

Tips Of Building Rain Proof Awnings

Rain proof awnings in home

Installed rain proof awnings

There are plenty of uses of awnings and it is an outdoor attachment of your home. You can use awnings to giving shade in the garden or protecting your home from excessive sunlight and saving up on your energy bills and also for availing protective barriers against the rain. However when you are installing any outdoor attachment to your home, you need to be very careful regarding its quality and durability. Hence while you are installing awnings, you need to make sure it is strong enough and can bear all weather circumstances or else it will be of no use to install them. However awnings are also not that cheap and when you go for installing them it can move your budget very heavily. Hence it’s advisable to go for installing your awnings yourself as it is a DIY project. It’s highly recommendable that you have to go for building rain proof awnings. If you are not opting to build rain proof awnings then it will corrode and damage in no time and you have to go for replacing it in no time making all your effort and money go in vain. Here is a list of things you will need for building a rain proof awnings.

Things for building rain proof awnings

  • Metal loops
  • Metal poles
  • Drill and drill bits
  • Rope
  • Hammer
  • Needle and thread
  • Hooks and grommets
  • Scissors
  • Water proof fabric

Process of building rain proof awnings

  • Make the fabric ready

For building rain proof awnings, you need the make the materials used for awnings rain proof. You need to choose that material for building rain proof awnings which are water proof. You can use plastic canvas or PVC for building rain proof awnings. You can also visit craft shops as they also sell those materials which are water proof and can be used here. One you buy the right material for this, cut the material in the right size and then cut the window where you would like the awnings to place. While cutting the fabric, ensure to cut it in some large size. Ensure to put the gourmets on each of the corners of the canvas and also add yup the metal ring to them.

  • Prepare the wall

You need to decide the height at which you want to install rain proof awnings. Ensure that there are no climbers or vines attached with the wall and also check that the masonry is not cracked or crumbling. You need to install the awnings poles or you can also go for installing PVC pipes if you are not intending to damage your lawn area.

  • Install rain proof awnings

Hang the metal rings over the hooks which were installed and then let your rain proof awning hang down. After few minutes of the hanging of the awnings hang two metal rings which fit over the poles and then attach ropes or PVC cable string to each of the gourmets. Use the ropes for making the awnings stable and not letting them get affected by the high winds.

Tips To Build Exterior Window Shutters

Constructing exterior window shutters

Building exterior window shutters

Window shutters play a very important role in protecting your windows from high winds and such other damage. However this is not the only function of exterior window shutters. These are also very helpful in enhancing the visual appeal of your home. It also adds up to the value of your home. Building exterior window shutters is quite easy job and you can do it yourself of you are a handy person. To help you out with this, here are some of the tips for building exterior window shutters without the need of professional.

  • Collect the needed tools

Before you start to build exterior window shutter, it’s very essential to collect all the tools and materials needed. You need to measure the windows and get approximate size for getting the coverings. You will need wood planks or pieces of wood which would be long enough to cover up the distance between pane and siding which are above the siding. This will not be enough for building exterior window shutters. Here are some of the extra things needed for building exterior window shutters. You can easily the below mentioned things at any of the home improvement stores or hardware stores. You can also go for some of the other decorative items for exterior window shutters if you have creative frame of mind.

  • Hammer and nails
  • Putty
  • Saw
  • Drills and screws
  • Surface mounts
  • Primer
  • Shutter hinges
  • Paint
  • Primer
  • Paint brush
  • Cut the wood planks

Measure the width of the window for making the window shutters. This will show you how many vertical length of wood will be needed by you and also see how many horizontal pieces will be needed by you. After taking the measurement, cut the wood planks in the appropriate sizes.

  • Build the shutter on flat surface

Put the cutted planks on the flat surface and align them properly so that they are in exact level. Make sure that the planks are closely pressed with each other and there are no existing gaps in between them. Screw the horizontal and vertical pieces for securing the shutter.

  • Stain and paint the shutters

Staining and painting the exterior window shutter is quite easy before installation. It can also be done after installation but it would be bit difficult. Hence consider doing it at this stage only. You can use roller or brush for painting the surface. Choose the color of your choice and start to paint. Make sure you give proper time for letting the surface dry before you install it. After the paint is dry, you can put a layer of primer on the paint. This will make the shutter look more beautiful. You can also decorate it in any other way as you wish.

  • Attach the hinges

There is specific spot for installing hinges. You need to install it few inches above the bottom and few inches below the top of the window frame. You can also attach a third hinges in the middle if you wish.

Tips For Building Inexpensive Awnings

Installing awnings on windows

Building awnings on windows

You can very easily build elegant and colorful looking awnings at very cheap cost for windows, patios, decks and vans. You can place an awning at the entrance for protecting the visitors and also your family from rain. There is a huge range of cheap materials which are available for both the awnings shade and also the supporting rods. If you want to build awning by yourself, then you can refer this article and check out tips for building inexpensive awnings.  Here are some of the reliable and helpful tips for building inexpensive awnings in your home.

Tips for building inexpensive awnings

  • Check the size and shape of your awnings

Some of the famous shapes of awnings are rectangular, square and semi-circle. One of the basic advices is to take a picture of where you want to install awnings and then enlarge it and see to get the clear idea of the shape and size. If you are installing an awning over the window then you need to take a look at where there is a sun reflection is in the picture and decide how far your awning should reach. Add up minimum two inch to each and every side for getting it fit beyond the frame of the window. Take measurement of how far you want your awning to go. This is specifically very much important if you are placing the awning at the entry point with a screen door which opens up at the outside part. Be careful that the awning must be projecting minimum 6 inches beyond the screen door for avoiding any snag in the awning. If you want multiple awnings then you need to add 5 % to the measurement of your fabric for matching up the patterns like stripes.

  • Materials for awning shades

Tent weight cotton is the preferable choice for building inexpensive awnings. It can easily resist fading and also dries up very easily and quickly when it gets wet and it will also maintain its shape when it is mounted properly on the frame. Another popular material for awning is parachute rip snoop nylon. This is great at resisting high winds and it will also not tear up even after years of its use. It can also maintain its color beautifully even after years of exposure to sun. However it is more expensive as compared with other materials but this cost can be covered in the long run. Majority of the awning will look good in solid colors but you can also try striped awnings as it can also give an elegant and classy look.

  • Materials used for supporting awnings

The most popular three poles for supporting awnings is made up from wood, aluminum or PVC. These are best as it can resist dampness and is also very much flexible and resist wind and also are light weight and quite durable. It can also stay strong in rain and cold weather. However chances of corrosion are there here.

Pros And Cons Of Aluminum Carport And Patio Covers

Advantages and disadvantages of Aluminum carport

Prosd and cons of Aluminum carport

Aluminum carport and patio covers are among the very popular home improvement additions. Aluminum carport and patio covers have been in use since many years and a very popular choice for homeowners. Aluminum carport is a durable and light weighted material and it can be a great alternative for steel structure and stick built structures. Colors, features and styles of aluminum carport have evolved since past some years and given many choices to homeowner to choose from. If you are thinking of installing aluminum carport then you must make some research about it and then think whether it is fit to be installed in your home or not. Here are some of the pros and cons of aluminum carport to help you decide whether you should go for installing aluminum carport or not.

Pros of aluminum carport

  • Attractive

One of the pros of aluminum carport and patio covers is that they give amazing look and you can also easily maintain this amazing look without putting in much effort and only little maintenance. Many other carports need too much maintenance for keeping the good looks which is not the case with aluminum carport. One of the other pros of aluminum carport is that they never rust. You are also available with plenty of color choices and also many styles of framework which should satisfy any homeowner.

  • Durability

Many of the homeowners have that perception that aluminum carports are not much durable or long lasting but this is not right. They can last for a very long time. The approximate life of aluminum carport is of 30 years. This product can easily stand with the test of time. The only thing is that you need to clean it once in a while. Many homeowners install this carport to withstand snow loads and wind. This will make your carport extreme durable and long lasting.

  • Functionality

There are very few carport and patio which are as function able as that of aluminum. It is very versatile and has structural simplicity. This can be perfect alternative t protect your vehicle when you don’t have a garage. Patio covering over deck is extremely beautiful and is also very useful.

Cons of aluminum carport

  • Birds nest

Aluminum as a material attracts the birds most. There are many plugs offered by the manufacturer and it is extremely advisable to pay focus on these at the time of installation. This will add up lots of cost to your installation but it will save you from the issues of cleaning the pans.

  • Trees

Aluminum carport will come within built downspouts and gutters. If you are residing in a wooded area, you will have constant issues of leaves falling especially in the season of fall. There can be an issue of cleaning leaves and rest of the things all the time.

  • Hail

These carports and patio cover are very light weighted and hence during storms and hails, there are chances of them getting curled and damaged.

Ways To Paint Your Basement Wall

Professional painting basement wall

Painting basement wall by homeowner

Painting your Basement wall is not just for improving the look of your basement, it’s actually for protection of your basement from plenty of things and helping your basement to stay out of humidity and other issues like mold and mildew. One of the other benefits of painting your basement wall is that it will protect your basement from moisture damage. Basement walls are made from the porous concrete and they can accumulate moisture behind them. These can cause structural damage which is not very good for basement wall. Painting your basement wall is very easy and quick project but there are certain challenges which can come in the way and you need to combat it. If you are going to opt for painting your basement wall, you will need some tips through which your process gets eased up and you can get optimum result. Following these tips of painting your basement wall will avoid expensive issues and give optimum results. Here are some of the tips to paint your basement wall.

  • Get rid of the old paint

If you already have your basement walls painted and it is not chipping, peeling or cracking then also it is safe to remove the old paint first before applying the new one. You can make use of wire brush or scraper for getting off the old paint. In certain cases, old basement will be containing wood as a part of the foundation and while removing the paint make sure to remove paint on the wood also.

  • Get away with faulty materials

Building materials will generally erode over passage of time. When such situation happens, concrete will start to crumble. This crumbling can also go without notice. You can make use of disc grinder or a sand blaster for smoothing out the rough surface of the wall for revealing loose material. Before painting your basement walls, get rid of the deteriorated material and then patch the area by using cement or mortar. By doing so, you will not be able to achieve a smooth surface and it will also strengthen the basement.

  • Mold and mildew

Mold and mildew are two very dangerous substances for your basement wall and also your health. These can also weaken the structural integrity of the basement. Painting your basement walls prevents the growth of mildew and mold and keeps the structure of your basement strong. Before applying the final coat of paint, add a base coat of paint as it will help to protect the walls in better manner.

  • Prime your basement walls

While painting your basement walls, if you are applying primer then it will make sure that the paint will stay on the wall. Primer will flood the surface and will prevent the subsequent paint layer from being absorbed. This will also add the waterproofing capacity of the basement.

  • Brush

You need to decide whether to use brush, spray gun or rollers for painting your basement walls. Spray gun is the fastest method but chances are there of missing out some portions here.


Flooring Choice For Kitchen

Options for kitchen flooring

Flooring choice for kitchen

There are varied options of flooring but not all of them suitable for kitchen. While considering flooring choice for kitchen, you have to be careful as it is that area of some which have to face many troubles. It would be definitely a high traffic area with lots of spills. While considering flooring choice for kitchen you have to make the function and durability your priority instead of looks. If you are not much alert while making flooring choice for kitchen chances are chances there are moisture issues or denting or curling an in short span of time only, you will have to replace or repair your floor which can be very costly. While making flooring choice for kitchen, make sure that the type you choose is good with traffic, moisture, spills and oil as these are things every kitchen face. If you are not much aware as to which flooring choice for kitchen would be ideal, here is a list of flooring types you can check out for your kitchen.

  • Bamboo flooring

One of the best flooring choice for kitchen can be bamboo. This is eco-friendly material and it is one of those products which grow very easily and quickly. It is one of the sustainable sources of flooring. Apart from the eco-friendly aspect, bamboo has immense strength as compared with other natural flooring types present in the market. One of the other tips while buying bamboo flooring for your kitchen is that you need to go with a reputable brand and that too with a company which gives the highest warranty. The quality of bamboo is basically reflected from the time of warranty it gives. This material for kitchen is also quite durable. One of the issues with bamboo flooring is that it can get dent very easily.

  • Carpet flooring

While considering flooring choice for kitchen, carpet has been historically famous choice. However the issues with carpet are its maintenance needs and cleaning issues. But however the modern carpet tiles are great and they are designed and tested and made proper for the kitchen. This is having the industrial grade rating and they are also very much easy installation and they are also quite durable. Another pro of installing carpet flooring in kitchen is that it is easy to clean. Other advantages of installing carpet flooring in kitchen are that it can be removed very easily and also cleaned very efficiently.

  • Concrete kitchen flooring

Concrete is also a great flooring choice for kitchen as it avails your kitchen with contemporary look. The best reason why concrete flooring is installed in kitchen is its durability. Concrete can withstand any heavy objects on it and still don’t crack or break. Hence it is one of the best flooring choice for kitchen. Concrete is also very much versatile and is also moisture resistant.

Tips To Remodel Your Bedroom

Tips for remodelling your bedroom

Remodeling your bedroom

You spend approximately 1/3rd of your life in sleeping so why not to spend this life beautifully and with sweet dreams. Now you cannot have good sleep and sweet dreams if you are living in a messy, dull, unorganized and boring bedroom. Such bedroom will not let you relax and have a nice sleep at night. A bad night will make your whole day tiring and uneasy. To avoid any such situation, you need a nice and energetic bedroom. Think of remodeling your bedroom. This is one of the easiest ways to give your bedroom a nice makeover. The process of remodeling your bedroom is not same, it depends upon the way you use it and upon your taste and habits. If you are using your bedroom for reading books and working then remodeling your bedroom should be like that. If you are using your bedroom for playing with your kids then the changes should be made accordingly. Remodeling your bedroom doesn’t always mean you have demolish or break certain things and incorporate them with new one. You can also go for remodeling your bedroom without breaking any existing things. Here are some of the tops and tricks for remodeling your bedroom.

  • Change your walls

Walls are one of those things which impact your bedroom the most. Changing the paint of walls can make a huge difference to your bedroom. Painting the walls is by far one of the quickest and also the cheapest ways of remodeling your bedroom. Choose a color which goes with the existing interior décor of your entire room as you cannot afford to change the entire interior according to the paint. If you want your bedroom to look warm and cozy then choose blue or grey color if you want to make your bedroom to look light and funky then choose light colors like yellow or orange. Be sure about the choice before you even start to remodel your bedroom or else you will get confused.

  • Add good lighting

One of the most important things while remodeling your bedroom is lighting. Lighting is one of such décor items which can change the mood instantly. You can go for installing dimmer in your bedroom as it will give you the exact amount of lighting during night. Be sure to choose such lighting which will save electricity and won’t increase your energy bills too much with constant use.

  • Find proper furniture

Furniture can change the whole look of your bedroom. If you’re old furniture is good then you can keep it and make some changes but if it’s not then consider buying new one, you can also go for buying second hand furniture. This will get you what you want and also save some of your money. Choose that piece of furniture which have good amount of storage. This will let you keep all your stuff in there and reduce the mess from your bedroom.

Tips on Using Portable Sump Pump

Image of Portable sump pump

Portable sump pump image

Do you have a sump pump installed in your basement? If not, there’s no need of buying the new one as you can make the use of a portable sump pump for the installation. There are many things to keep in mind while using portable sump pump as your option. A sump pump is basically a low pressured pump that operates the functions of moving water from one place to another in the home. It basically works through a motor or an engine for draining the water away from your basement.

BY installing a portable sump pump, the accumulated water will be routed through the water pipes to the other location in the home. The actual need of a portable sump pump is simply for the situation of flooding. Here are the instructions and tips on operating a portable sump pump for you use.

Portable sump pump using tips:

  • Portable sump pump is a perfectly suitable device for the situation of flooding. There are many inexpensive types of sump pumps available that can be used for your use. It helps in cleaning small amount of flooding situation in your home. Whenever you’re facing the situation of flood, you will need the sump pump placed closer to the water, but the facts will be something else. Don’t forget that portable sump pump needs an electric outlet for performing its functions.
  • Keep that in mind that portable sump pump helps in pushing up the water and not pulling it. This is the reason why you need to keep it near to floor surface. It is placed near to the floor so that it might not end up pulling more amount of water to the impeller.
  • Well, using it might be difficult because it is very different from that of the original ones. It’s advisable of treating them in a different manner so that you can easily know how to use it properly. First thing for the home owners to know is, they are not used for more often times. If you’re facing large amount of flooding situation often, it’s advisable of installing a permanent sump pump model.
  • Even, many a times, it is observed that they are not supplied with valves. So, it simply means that you need to be double sure that you have enough turn off situation when it empties the water. If you’ll quickly dry the portable sump pump, it might result in burning up the motor installed in.
  • Even, there are certain warnings you need to keep in mind while using portable sump pump as your option. It is not a permanent means for using in your home. Portable sump pump is meant to use for temporary situations. Well, home owners should always keep in mind of installing and using a larger sized portable sump pump for their use. As there are possibilities that the lighter sized sump pump might get brunt while you’re using them. It’s advisable of storing it in a place where you can use it immediately when in need.

How to Clean Cedar Fence

Man Cleaning cedar fence

Person Cleaning cedar fence

Have you installed a strongest, highly durable and among the most popular type of fencing, cedar fencing in your home? Well, let me inform you, you don’t took a wrong decision. It is among the most used construction material as well as an important material when it comes for fencing. It is sturdy in nature and resistive towards bad weather and the constant wear and tear observed by the climate. So, cedar is widely used for constructing any outside furniture.

And when it comes for fulfilling your needs, cedar is efficient enough for the same. It can be customized according to your needs and requirements as it can easily stain. Even, it can be left as it is a rustic look of wooden surface. It will definitely help in increasing the charm of your home exteriors. It is also consider to be a low-fuss wood in addition to its high durability. It simply means that it doesn’t need a constant eye in maintenance and regular checkup for making it look good and charming always.

But, in order to maintain the charm and the beauty of cedar fence, certain timely checks are important thou. Make sure you know and check for any timely damage like fading color or increasing the tendency of staining effects. Well, there’s nothing to worry about as it might not consume more of your time. Whether you’re cleaning your cedar fencing yearly or regularly, here are certain tips to be considered while cleaning your cedar fence.

One of the basic cleaning tips is regular maintenance. All you require to grab a bucket and add some amount of Luke warm water to it. Mix a little amount of dishwashing detergent to the solution. Make the use of sponge or a cleaning cloth for cleaning your cedar fence installed in your home exteriors. After applying the cleaning solution on the fence, further make the use of plain and clean water to further clean it. It’s advisable of using a rag for cleaning away any excessive amount of water on the surface. Let the cedar get dry completely for better cleaning results.

If you observe any accumulation of mold and mildew on the surface of your cedar fence, it is extremely important to cure it as fast as possible. For removing such of the stubborn stains, you’ll need a bucket for pouring and preparing the solution. If you think, it would be simply cleaned by using dishwashing detergent and water, let me tell you folks, this might not be the results. You’ll need to prepare the bleaching solution for removing it from the surface of the cedar fence. Dip a clean cloth or a sponge in the solution. Make a note of using only Luke warm water for the cleaning process. Dip it into the solution and gently use it for wiping off the surface. It’s advisable of not scrubbing the surface because it might result in peeling up the surface of your cedar fence. This solution is particularly effective on accumulated mold and mildew on the fence.

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